Launching Lattice: Goal setting made simple

May 12, 2016

Lattice helps you run your company better.

We provide a simple way to set, track, and manage your team's goals. Lattice is available today and you can get started for free.

Why Lattice?

I loved my previous job. We had a great team and product. I got the chance to scale with the company from a dozen to hundreds of employees, and go from an individual contributor to managing several teams. And I got to meet my co-founder, Eric Koslow.

The thing I spent the most time thinking about in my job was people. More than even by its product or customers, I believe a company is defined by its employees. So I spent a lot of my time thinking about how we could make people and teams more motivated, engaged, and ultimately more effective. Beyond just business results, these things make people happier at the place where they spend the majority of their waking hours

We founded Lattice with the goal of helping companies run more effectively. We want to help teams be more focused, aligned, and motivated because we've been part of growing teams and know how much of a difference it makes.

People aren't motivated by Kind bars and ping pong tables. People are motivated by a clear mission and goals, an environment of growth, and coworkers who are striving to make themselves and each other better.


Today we’re thrilled to release a simple way to track and manage your team's goals. We've been beta testing with dozens of companies over the past few months and it's been great to hear them describe how Lattice has helped them make goals core to the way they operate. You can [start using the tool today](/signup).

Lattice brings your company, team, and individual goals together so everyone is aware of how priorities are connected and how they’re coming along. We help you keep your goals up to date, and then share important updates throughout the company. In an increasingly distracting world, we’re hoping to separate signal from noise and keep bringing people back to what matters most.

We've been surprised to see how often companies implement goals ineffectively or simply not at all. Whether it's due to hesitation around a particular strategy, pushing them off more urgent issues, or confusion around how OKRs work, most companies will admit that they don't set goals as well as they should.

Like company culture, setting goals is something that will rarely demand your most immediate attention, but if neglected will prevent you from building a great company.

Welcoming our investors

We're thrilled to partner with some great investors to help us achieve our mission. We're excited to have raised a seed round led by Thrive Capital with Khosla Ventures, Marc Benioff, Sam Altman, SV Angel, YC, Slack Fund, Fuel Capital, Alexis Ohanian, Elad Gil, and other angels.

We care deeply about helping companies operate more effectively. This is the beginning of a long journey that we can't wait to get started on.

If you like what we’re working on, send me a note at [email protected]. Would love to chat!

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