Welcoming Lexi Reese To Lattice’s Board

Jack Altman
Jack Altman
August 16, 2022
Founder & Chairman

I am absolutely thrilled to announce today that Lexi Reese, who was most recently COO of Gusto, is joining Lattice’s Board of Directors. Before Gusto, Lexi was an executive at Google, Facebook, and Amex.

Lexi brings an incredible range of experiences to Lattice. Besides what you can see on paper, one of the notable things about Lexi is how structured a thinker and leader she is. She truly has a battle-tested framework for everything, a well-thought-out point of view, a relevant slide, a poignant article. Speaking personally as someone who tends to be a little bit more spontaneous in my decision-making, I feel grateful to be supported by someone like Lexi who has such depth of experience of structure of thought.

More importantly than any particular set of experiences, Lexi has an outlook on the world that I know will help us further our mission to make work meaningful. She cares deeply about the human side of work, which came through in every conversation we’ve had.

She’s also very committed to the ideas of performance and personal growth. I knew we had a match when she told me that she wanted to have a performance review plan for herself and all board members going forward. Music to my ears!

Lattice was founded on the idea that people-centric leadership is the key not only to happier employees, but more successful companies. Lexi has lived and breathed this philosophy at some of the best organizations in the world, and I’m so grateful to have her leadership on our board as Lattice enters its next stage of growth.

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