Lattice Partners with Brooklyn Nets & New York Liberty, Norwich City Football Club to Match High-Performing Teams with Winning People Strategy

February 7, 2024

Lattice, the leading People Platform HR teams use to bring out the best from their employees, announced that it will partner with BSE Global, the parent company of the Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty, and Norwich City Football Club, to support each organization in their respective efforts to power resilient, results-driven cultures and high-level performance.

People are a company’s biggest investment, so it’s essential that employees are set up to do their best work and deliver on that investment. Strategic HR teams know that building thriving cultures enables great performance and unlocks employee potential both in the office and on the field. 

“In many ways, HR is a team sport – working in close partnership with business leaders, employees, and cross-functional teams across organizations to achieve shared goals,” said Cara Brennan Allamano, CPO at Lattice.

I’m so excited to partner with these incredible organizations to demonstrate the power of strategic HR in the sports industry, where performance across the board is so crucial. We can’t wait to see what they accomplish and are proud to partner with them to achieve the goals alignment, team engagement, and high performance they need to succeed.

So how do the HR and business leaders at professional sports teams known for world-class performance also build great cultures through their people strategies? Lattice is partnering with two incredible sports brands Norwich City Football Club and BSE Global over the next six months to showcase how these highly competitive teams take their culture and performance to the next level through game-changing people strategy. 

BSE Global Demonstrates HR Excellence off the Court 

A goal of BSE Global, the organization behind the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA and New York Liberty of the WNBA, is to build a high-performing culture and drive more alignment across the business. Since signing on as a Lattice customer last year, BSE Global has been leveraging Lattice’s performance module to create a more dynamic approach to employee performance and giving and receiving continuous feedback. Lattice allows them to gather not only manager feedback regularly but also feedback from employees on the organization overall, job satisfaction, and clarification on the company’s strategy and values. 

BSE Global also utilizes the Grow module in Lattice to give their employees transparency into their career options both in their current roles, and for future opportunities. The Grow module helps BSE Global to retain top talent and provide them with opportunities to continue to build on their skills.

A Rising Star on the UK Football Scene Dials up Focus on Performance and Culture

Norwich City Football Club, an English professional football team based in Norwich, Norfolk, has built its brand on an unwavering belief that investment in team alignment and engagement alongside a positive team and company culture will lead to unrivaled performance on and off the pitch. They are also on a mission to drive broader impact by making both the club and their community better and influencing change in the sport.

That philosophy led them to Lattice as the HR technology partner that can help them deliver on their ambitious goals as a team while remaining true to the club’s underlying mission and values. “We have our club vision, our core values, and the behaviors we want to drive within the team and the organization,” said James Bemment, head of strategy for Norwich City Football Club. “And one of those key behaviors is togetherness. As much as we want to perform and succeed, it's also vital we have alignment across the club. Lattice helps us create that alignment, better understand what that high performance across the behaviors we’re trying to drive looks like and act on what we learn.”

Norwich will be leveraging Lattice to align cascading goals across the organization and better understand employee sentiment while tapping into Lattice's rich set of tools including 1:1’s, updates, and feedback to enable managers to drive better day-to-day engagement with their teams.

How the Lattice Talent Management Suite Empowers Sports Brands to Lead Like Champions

Lattice provides all the tools needed to turn good managers into great ones that develop high-impact employees and support people teams in a number of key ways, including: 

  • Driving strategic clarity: Lattice Goals helps organizations deliver against key business metrics using cascaded goals and KPIs across departments, teams, and individuals.
  • Uncovering key employee insights: Lattice Engagement will enable HR to better understand sentiment across the teams across a range of topics and define which HR programs to implement to boost cultural engagement.
  • Enabling managers to boost team performance: Lattice’s manager tools will empower managers to embed performance management and engagement into their day-to-day, using 1:1s, feedback, and updates to help every employee and player achieve their best.
  • Activating and empowering key talent: Organizations will be able to identify top performers and use a blend of goals, performance reviews, and feedback to motivate and empower them to excel to the next level.

Lattice helps over 5,000 organizations drive a competitive edge through a blended focus on performance and culture. In partnering with these top-performing teams and other Lattice customers across sports, Lattice aims to demonstrate the value of a high-performance culture in any industry.

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