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Lattice is on’s Enterprise Tech 30

July 15, 2019

Lattice is number 4 in early-stage startups on’s first-ever Enterprise Tech 30. describes The Enterprise Tech 30 as “an exclusive list of the most promising private companies in enterprise tech, as determined by an institutional research process with the prominent venture capital investors in the sector.” 

The companies are categorized by total capital raised, with a top 10 ranking for each stage. Early-stage includes companies that have raised $25 million or less, mid-stage includes between $25 million to $100 million, and late-stage includes $100 million or more. Lattice did a recent Series B raise for $15 million this past April.

“We've grown 10x in the past two years,” said Lattice COO, J Zac Stein. “And we’re looking for talented teammates across the board.”

Lattice was number 4 on the list of early-stage startups. Elsewhere on the lists were eight Lattice customers: fellow early-stage startup Clearbit; middle-stage startups LaunchDarkly, Algolia,, AppZen, Domino Data Lab; and late-stage startups Plaid and Hashicorp. 

The Full List (via)

Lattice customers Slack and Looker were also in contention to be on the list, but Slack went public and Looker was recently acquired by Google. delves into the methodology here, but Axios summarized it thus:

  • [] started with more than 3,000 startups and winnowed the list to around 775, before polling about 6 dozen of the top investors in the space.
  • Each investor got to vote for 10 companies in each stage, but they were limited to 3 of their own portfolio companies to eliminate too much rooting for the home team.

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