Lattice eNPS Gives People Teams a Look at the Future of their Organizations

April 14, 2020

Today at Lattice, we’re launching the simplest and fastest way for companies to measure employee loyalty and predict the future of their company with employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). This metric acts as a leading indicator for employee outcomes like productivity and retention, and helps HR teams uncover the most actionable steps to improve their employee experience. 

Lattice eNPS packs a ton of insight into one question so you can instantly gain an understanding of your culture and entire employee experience. And you can start getting those insights immediately because implementing it in your next survey takes just one click.

It’s never been more important to prioritize employees. For most, their experience at work is also their experience at home. Employees feel disconnected from their teams, managers are worried about their people, and HR teams need data to inform the decisions they’re making to support them. Lattice eNPS supports people teams through all of these challenges by tracking a consistent North Star metric to know if your people are OK. 

It’s rare for HR and managers to have leading indicators – metrics that can paint a clear picture of what the future of their company looks like. It’s important to look back at what happened to explain the past, but it’s critical now to look forward and make the best decisions for your team and company’s future. 

Whether your employees are remote or onsite, you can get started with Lattice Engagement right now by booking a demo with one of our product specialists. You can also read more about Lattice eNPS here.

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