Keeping People at the Heart of Credit Unions with Lattice

Halah Flynn
Halah Flynn
April 18, 2024
Senior Content Marketing Manager

People teams at credit unions have always been proudly committed to prioritizing people over profit, but are now at a critical recruiting and retention opportunity — especially with the rise of mergers and acquisitions and AI tools. 

A 2024 report from Accenture found that 73% of time spent by bank employees has a high potential to be impacted by generative AI. But the machines won’t be taking over quite yet. HR teams know that, while people are their greatest asset, the right technology can make all the difference, augmenting employees instead of replacing them.

“Our culture is very, very important to us,” said Jennifer Robertson, vice president of human resources and talent management for Vantage West Credit Union. “We also have the ability to be more nimble and innovative because we aren't a big bank,” she said. “Our CEO really values being an early adopter on things like this and I love that too.”

Lattice, the #1 people platform, is helping credit unions innovate their people strategies with solutions including Performance Management, Engagement, and Grow, while also forming strategic partnerships to better understand their needs. 

Most recently, implementing Lattice helped achieve a 27% reduction in employee turnover for Vantage West Credit Union, whose mission is to “invest in people today to achieve a prosperous tomorrow.” These collaborations underscore Lattice's commitment to people-first solutions and understanding of the intricacies of the credit union sector.

The Lattice Difference

Lattice is rated #1 among HR tech platforms across all industries, but is uniquely positioned to support credit unions in several ways.

  • Customer Care: Recognizing the importance of personalized support, Lattice offers outstanding support during implementation, ensuring a smooth transition from retired platforms and optimal utilization of the Lattice platform. Because we understand that buying HR tech is a monumental investment, and the best return on that investment comes from ease of use for employees, managers, and HR teams. 
  • Values Alignment: Lattice understands that credit unions are community-centric and employee-focused organizations by nature, serving their local customers with genuine support that relies on high-performing employees. Built by and for people, Lattice embodies a people-first approach, which is ingrained across every aspect of the platform and user experience. 
  • Experience With Credit Unions: Lattice's deep understanding of the credit union space sets it apart, providing tailored solutions that address the specific needs and challenges faced by these community-focused organizations.

Setting The Gold Standard of Customer Support

Lattice’s customer testimonials speak volumes about the platform's efficacy in driving performance and engagement to strengthen their organizations.

“The implementation of Lattice has been the best vendor onboarding that I’ve experienced through my career,” said Crissy Bergmann, vice president of employee experience at Reliant Credit Union. “Our CEO shared that she can’t think of many other tools throughout the credit union that have prompted such a large amount of positive feedback from our managers and employees.”

Lattice believes that if credit unions are empowered to combine their dedication to community building and positive cultures with innovative technology, they will have what they need to win and reach new heights for employee performance. 

“We really take development seriously,” Robertson said about Vantage West Credit Union. “We like to promote people from within. We're around 40% or more of internal promotions instead of external hires.” She said the people team relies on “managers having leadership abilities and providing the psychological safety that people need to excel in their role.”

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Trusted by America’s Credit Unions

Lattice's dedication to understanding and serving the needs of credit unions extends beyond customer support. As a Platinum Sponsor at America’s Credit Unions (formerly CUNA) HR Organization & Development Council, Lattice is deeply invested in listening to and learning from credit unions about their needs and ambitions for organizational success. This sponsorship signifies a commitment to supporting the people and growth strategies of credit unions nationwide.

You work hard for your people. Lattice works hard for you. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of HR technology, Lattice hopes to be a beacon of innovation and partnership for credit unions. Through strategic partnerships, collaborations, and customer support, Lattice reaffirms its commitment to supporting the people and growth strategies of credit unions nationwide. With a focus on customer care, values alignment, and experience within the credit union sector, Lattice continues to redefine the future of HR for these vital community-focused organizations.

Lattice’s AI-powered people platform will support credit unions in a new era of growth and people strategy, giving them the tools to manage distributed workforces, help managers reach their full potential, and align their organizations around clear goals. By embracing the people platform that is powering the future of strategic and impactful HR programs, credit unions won’t just win – they will thrive. 

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