Introducing The HR Handbook to the Transforming Workplace: Your Comprehensive Guide to Modern People Strategy

Halah Flynn
Halah Flynn
August 9, 2023
Senior Content Marketing Manager

HR is in a moment of reinvention. The “new world of work” isn’t a future state anymore; it’s here – and it’s changing constantly. And HR leaders are the executives tasked with building new strategies and processes to manage these constant evolutions while driving high-performing, engaged teams. 

Whether it’s figuring out how to keep people effective and productive in a hybrid work arrangement, adapting to new compensation requirements, or finding a balance between employee needs and business priorities, nothing is really simple anymore – and the very idea of “work” continues to change in our post-pandemic, post-pay transparency, post-economic downturn world. 

So how can people leaders keep up with these changes – and help their employees and their organizations to thrive? We asked some of the greatest HR leaders, CEOs and founders in the business for their perspective – and put together a roadmap of real-world advice to give people teams the tangible insights and tactics they need to build out impactful people strategy in the modern world of work.

Introducing The HR Handbook to the Transforming Workplace, featuring some of the brightest minds in HR – including:

  • Amy Hsuan, SVP of People and Strategy at Mixpanel
  • Ash Alexander, Head of People at Front
  • Ashley Thomson, VP of People and Retail at DECIEM 
  • Balbina Knight, Director of People & Projects at Thrive Digital
  • Christina Guckert, Head of DEIB at Reddit
  • Courtney Cherry Ellis, CPO at AuditBoard
  • Gianna Driver, Chief Human Resources Officer at Exabeam 
  • Heather Doshay, Managing Director, People + Talent at SignalFire
  • Iain Morrison, Director of People Ops at The Tony Blair Institute
  • Jacy Escoffier, VP of L&D at Upwork 
  • JD Slaughter, Group Vice President, Organizational Development & Effectiveness at Huge
  • Jenny Terry, Director of Business Operations at Buffer
  • Katelin Holloway, Founding Partner at Seven Seven Six
  • Melissa Daimler, Chief Learning Officer at Udemy
  • Melissa Theiss, VP of People at Resilia
  • Natalie Breece, Chief People + Diversity Officer at thredUP

Each of these phenomenal leaders – including a few of our own experts here at Lattice – weigh in on how they are defining the future of work within their organizations. Ever wondered what some of the top HR leaders think about the 4-day work week? How they are approaching back-in-office policies? Or what they’re doing to adapt to changing pay transparency laws? Find the answers here. The Handbook will dig into these topics and many more. Through in-depth perspectives, our featured leaders discuss: 

  • How the ways we build community are changing
  • How the ways we stay productive are changing 
  • How where we work is changing (ex: hybrid, return to office)
  • How flexibility and benefits are changing (ex: 4-day work week)
  • How employee development is changing (ex; career advancement in hybrid)

If we know one thing about HR, it is that change is constant – and there will undoubtedly be new challenges and upheavals on the horizon beyond the topics we cover in this book. But we hope that by learning from some of the best in the business, you can approach whatever comes next with more confidence and insight into what is going to drive the best outcomes for your business. 

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