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February 20, 2019

Lattice works with over 1,000 companies ranging from 5 to 10,000 employees, and we’ve found that HR teams need an adaptable solution that fits their culture as their company scales.

As companies grow, organizations start to introduce roles who work with designated business units, such as HR Business Partners, and different HR team members need visibility into some (but not all) people management programs. Organizational hierarchies get more nuanced and dotted-line manager relationships are developed, creating the need for visibility outside of the traditional org chart.

Today, we’re excited to announce two new features -- Roles & Permissions and Custom Relationships --  that will help our customers solve these common challenges.

Roles & Permissions

Roles & Permissions operate on custom fields, giving HR teams flexibility to design a custom permission solution that matches their company’s structure. This feature is designed to help solve several common roles that we see from our customers:

  • Human Resource Business Partners (HRBPs): Give HRBPs visibility and control of their specific business unit to manage employee administration, run a review cycle or manage the goal setting process.
  • HR Generalists: Give HR Generalists permission to add users and setup tools, but restrict access to employees’ private feedback.
  • Department Heads: Give department leaders visibility and control over their team’s people management solution.
  • Review Cycle Admins: Give organizational leaders permission to run review cycles
  • Office Managers: Give remote and global office managers administration permissions for the people in  their office.
  • IT Admins: Give IT teams the ability to setup HRIS, SSO, and Slack integrations.

The Roles & Permissions system works across the entire Lattice suite, so admins can customize permissions for a variety of actions -- everything from managing employee data to setting up performance reviews to viewing private goals.

Read more about how to set up Roles & Permissions

Custom Relationships for Visibility & Multiple 1:1s

Custom Relationships gives HR admins a process to create relationships outside of the traditional org chart hierarchy.

The Visibility feature allows admins to configure specific visibility permissions including the ability for individual employees to see private updates, manager feedback, private goals, performance reviews, and manager level custom fields.

Read more about how to setup Custom Visibility Relationships

Multiple 1:1 Relationships gives anyone the power to have 1:1s outside of the traditional manager/direct report relationship. This feature is designed to give cross functional employees and secondary managers the ability to have 1:1s within Lattice. For example, a Brand Designer might report directly to the VP of Design, but also have a dotted-line relationship with the Director of Marketing. With this new feature, the brand designer will have the ability to have 1:1s with both of her managers.

Read more about how to setup Multiple 1:1 Relationships

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