April 2024 Product Updates: Enabling a Comprehensive Talent Strategy

Kerry Wheeler
Kerry Wheeler
April 30, 2024
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Having a robust strategy for attracting, developing, and retaining top talent is critical for organizations looking to build high-performing cultures. Lattice's April product releases deliver powerful new capabilities to help HR leaders and managers gain a deeper, more strategic view into their talent landscapes – because people success drives business success. 

Introducing Lattice Talent Reviews

Lattice’s annual State of People Strategy Report found that performance management is top of mind for HR leaders in 2024: 38% of HR leaders ranked performance management as a top priority for the year, a 40% increase compared to 2022. HR teams now — more than ever — need robust tools to help their companies drive performance, productivity, and growth, and ensure employees can see a path to future success. 

Lattice Talent Reviews gives HR teams the opportunity to not just assess performance but recalibrate to ensure role clarity across teams, nurture high-performers, and improve talent density within their organization. The new feature enables lightweight, top-down assessments to evaluate employees across core areas like performance, potential, risk, and impact on the organization. 

A Lattice calibration session using the 9-box methodology, displaying Performance and Potential ratings.
Reviewers can use Lattice’s 9-box or a table view to calibrate talent reviews.

With adaptable templates and built-in calibration, businesses can implement talent reviews around the parameters that matter most — whether that is understanding employees’ strengths and weaknesses or mitigating attrition risks. . 

This process gives organizations unparalleled insight into their talent, helping teams:

  • Identify and nurture high-potential employees
  • Level-up decision-making for succession plans, promotions, performance management, and hiring.
  • Understand their existing talent landscape and gain insights on their employees’ performance and potential at any given moment.

For companies striving to get the right people in the right roles, Lattice Talent Reviews provide a consistent, data-driven approach to spotlighting top performers and high-potential individuals.

Consolidating Engagement Insights

One of the biggest challenges companies face when adopting new HR technologies is disconnected data and lost historical context. This month's launch of historic engagement data imports solves that problem.

A Lattice Engagement dashboard displaying survey scores for psychological safety, work relationships, self-efficacy, and management and how they’ve changed since 2023.
Engagement users can now easily import and compare past and present survey scores.

Customers can now import past company, department, and manager-level engagement survey results from other platforms directly into Lattice. This allows them to consolidate all engagement data into one unified system for easy year-to-year comparisons.

For businesses that have invested in previous engagement programs, this new capability means never losing track of hard-won insights. With the ability to measure Lattice survey results against a comprehensive baseline, HR teams can accurately track changes in engagement and sentiment over time.

Supercharging Talent Intelligence  

While Lattice Talent Reviews helps capture a powerful baseline view of an organization's talent, it's what companies do with those insights that truly unlocks business impact. That's why we've super-charged reporting capabilities across our Analytics Explorer for both Admins and Managers to ensure smarter talent intelligence reaches every corner of your organization:

  • Save any reports you build so you can easily access them again 
  • Share custom reports organization-wide 
  • Schedule reports to be delivered to inboxes on a regular basis 
  • Restrict data permissions to ensure people only see what they are allowed to see 
The “Saved Reports” page within Lattice’s Analytics Explorer shows multiple reports and who they are shared with.
Admins and Managers can now save and schedule reports they build within the Analytics Explorer.

When people data is siloed, the ability to make strategic, future-focused decisions is limited. These new self-service reporting tools make it easy to democratize talent intelligence — giving every team the insights they need to develop well-informed people strategies.

Streamlining People Processes

We’ve also rolled out new features to streamline HR operations:

  • Admin directory sorting and filters to identify and act on subsets of employees 
  • Review cycle dashboards with progress-tracking and team reminders
  • Default and Customer employee fields are now included in the performance calibrations "download current ratings" CSV export
  • Admins can now assign comments left on Onboarding & Exit surveys to the relevant leaders within their organization. 

With more efficient processes and consolidated views of people data, HR teams can spend less time on manual work and more time on strategic talent initiatives. 

Driving Organizational Success and High-Performing Teams

Attracting and retaining talented employees is an enduring challenge, and one that intensifies as businesses pursue increasingly ambitious goals. Lattice's latest innovations equip companies with the tools and intelligence to continuously strengthen their talent strategies. With deeper insights into current and future workforce needs, HR teams and managers can optimize for long-term performance and success.

Learn more about these features and our future roadmap by visiting Lattice Product Updates or contacting your Relationship Manager.

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