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Sarah Nahm on How to Hire Top Talent

The world of recruiting has fundamentally changed.

Employees are now connected to opportunities via professional networking sites like LinkedIn and AngelList. A growing number of job seekers cite cultural characteristics as a reason why they chose to work at a company. Employees are staying at companies for shorter period of times, and many are opting to freelance. The importance of personal networks in getting a job in Silicon Valley has led to a diversity crisis among tech companies. Startups are expected to compete with the big budgets (and perks!) of the tech giants, and the tech giants are asked to give employees the type of impact and freedom of the startups. Recruiting is moving from inbound applications to sourcing candidates and building an outbound process. It۪'s a complex environment for everyone involved, and that's where Lever comes in.

Sarah Nahm, CEO of Lever, has been working with companies like Netflix, Lyft and KPMG to help them navigate the new world of recruiting. In this episode of Resources for Humans, Sarah talks about what she's learned in the process of building Lever, a modern applicant tracking system, and how companies should think about building a next generation recruiting function.