How to Include Freelancers in Your People Strategy

Tapping into the freelance economy offers a powerful advantage to help your business thrive — but only if you create the right environment.

November 15, 2022
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In the era of the great resignation, the global talent gap has been magnified. Businesses everywhere are struggling to hire talented people, especially those with specialist or highly desirable niche skills.  

But imagine if you could access an instant talent pool of people with the skills you need and the ability to start immediately.  

There are over 25 million freelancers out there, which is only set to grow as more and more full-time employees make the switch.

When done well, partnering with freelancers can increase innovation, productivity, and profitability. A highly powerful resource, organisations with 11% or more freelancers report a productivity boost of almost £5k per employee, as well as a significant uplift in sales.

But hiring more freelancers is only part of the solution. You also need to create the right environment if you want to maximise the opportunity and diversify your talent stream.

Learn how to successfully integrate freelancers into your people strategy with this new guide from Lattice.

BTW - this landing page was written by a freelancer 😁

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