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What’s the ROI of a people management system?


Investing in performance management isn’t just a best practice; it’s a prerequisite for business success. Lattice’s HR software empowers your team to share feedback, set and track goals, manage performance reviews, and more  — helping you make a return on that investment even sooner.

This interactive model is based on an independent Forrester Consulting study that found that Lattice’s software had a three-month payback period and delivered a 195% return on investment. After meeting with Lattice customers, Forrester identified other benefits of using Lattice, including:

  • Improved employee engagement, leading to lower turnover
  • Time savings for HR teams administering performance management processes
  • Additional time savings for employees and managers during reviews
  • Cost savings after retiring “legacy” HR tools

Want to see what Lattice’s software can do for your organization? Fill out this brief questionnaire to determine your company’s potential ROI.

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