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10 HR Podcasts to Subscribe to in 2021

March 3, 2021

Want to broaden your HR horizons? Between virtual conferences, webinars, ebooks, and articles, there’s no shortage of ways to consume HR content. If you’re an audiophile and the spoken word is your preferred medium, consider adding podcasts to your rotation.

While some of the longest-running HR podcasts have been around for over a decade, the last few years have brought on dozens of new, innovative options. Whether your primary focus is employee engagement, performance management, recruiting, or compliance, there’s a podcast worth subscribing to for every HR discipline.

From old standbys to exciting newcomers, here are some of the best HR podcasts worth listening to during your daily run, commute, or coffee break.

1. All Hands

Frequency: Every two weeks
Length: 30-40 minutes

Lattice’s new podcast, hosted by Katelin Holloway from Initialized Capital, brings CEOs, senior leaders, and HR innovators together to talk shop. All Hands bridges the imaginary divide between HR and business, delving into how being “people-first” isn’t an obstacle to success, but a prerequisite. Past and upcoming speakers include Mathilde Colli, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Jennifer DaSilva. Subscribe to the podcast here.

2. 21st Century HR

Frequency: Every two weeks
Length: 30-50 minutes

HR is in the middle of a paradigm shift — with legacy practices giving way to those that center around people. Lars Schmidt, founder of Amplify, wants to give that trend a nudge. His podcast, 21st Century HR, features insights from progressive founders, CEOs, and HR thought leaders on the future of talent management, recruiting, and more. Schmidt and his guests’ recent insights on COVID-19 and supporting Black employees make his podcast a must-listen in 2021.

3. Punk Rock HR

Frequency: About every week
Length: 30-50 minutes

After a decades-long career in the field, Laurie Ruettiman now helps companies fix their HR messes through her consulting, speaking, and storytelling. Her podcast, Punk Rock HR, features insights from HR experts, influencers, leaders, authors, and politicians. Topics run the gamut from how to be an inspiring coach to navigating this year’s workplace and real-world uncertainty. The most powerful episodes include personal stories from HR professionals who overcame adversity to find the ultimate prize in work: meaning. Give Punk Rock HR a listen.

4. WorkLife

Frequency: About every week
Length: 40-60 minutes

Organizational psychologist Adam Grant is a three-time best-selling author and one of the world’s go-to experts on all things work. His podcast, WorkLife, is based on a simple premise: “You spend a quarter of your life at work, so shouldn’t you enjoy it?” Grant’s podcast addresses the psychology of remote work, office rivalries, loneliness, interviewing, and more — often coming to unexpected conclusions. Whether you’re in HR or just looking to wrap your head around what makes the workplace tick, check out WorkLife.

5. HR Happy Hour

Frequency: Every week
Length: 40 minutes

Call it the trailblazer of HR podcasts. Trish McFarlane and Steve Boese’s HR Happy Hour is the field’s most-watched and longest-running podcast. Episodes cover recruiting, learning and development, management best practices, payroll, and HR technology. The latter topic might be where HR Happy Hour’s spotlight shines brightest, as McFarlane and Boese often invite HR tech’s most innovative minds to preview upcoming products and features. 

6. HBR IdeaCast

Frequency: Every week
Length: 20-30 minutes

Harvard Business Review’s weekly podcast, HBR IdeaCast, brings the world’s foremost experts in business, psychology, and management to weigh in on workplace issues. From how to foster a culture of adaptability to maintaining emotional discipline, the podcast covers business — as you might expect — through an academic lens. Guests range from former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy to US soccer star Megan Rapinoe. Subscribe to HBR IdeaCast here

7. HR Social Hour Half Hour

Frequency: Every two weeks
Length: 30 minutes

Veteran HR professionals Jon Thurmond and Wendy Dailey lead one of the field’s most popular podcasts, HR Social Hour Half Hour. Guests include CEOs, HR leaders, writers, and even professors, weighing in on topics ranging from workplace belonging to the latest innovations in HR technology. Recurring guests include HR influencers Steve Browne and Kate Bischoff, so be sure to give this podcast a listen if you’re looking to grow your career.

8. The Future of Work With Jacob Morgan

Frequency: Weekly
60 minutes

We know workplaces have gone through their share of changes over the years. So what’s next? Best-selling author, TED speaker, and “work futurist” Jacob Morgan might have a pretty good idea. In The Future of Work With Jacob Morgan, he delves into automation, employee experience, leadership, and next-gen HR. Guests include CEOs, C-level HR leaders, founders, authors, and technologists.

9. RecruitingLive

Frequency: Several times per week
Length: 30 minutes

Recruiting Daily is one the most popular and actively updated news and opinion sites in talent acquisition. In addition to their popular blog, the site also runs its own podcast, RecruitingLive. Hosted by veteran HR writer and consultant William Tincup, the podcast covers topics across every major HR discipline. HR teams looking to maximize the reach of their employer branding efforts might take interest in the podcast’s occasional marketing content as well.

10. Josh Bersin Academy Podcast

Frequency: Weekly
Length: 20 minutes

Josh Bersin is a world-renowned HR, talent, learning, and technology analyst based in Silicon Valley. In addition to speaking on the HR conference circuit and leading Bersin by Deloitte, he also runs a podcast on HR and the future of work. The Josh Bersin Academy Podcast has become a must-listen this year, with recent episodes diving into the nuances of engagement, remote work, and company unity. Check it out here.

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