Optimize performance through continuous feedback

Share impactful employee feedback in real time to guide growth all year long.


Facilitate feedback that fuels performance

Real-time feedback among peers, between direct reports and managers, or across teams offers employees actionable insights to improve performance and engagement.

Photo of Jennifer McMillan
Our People and Culture team now has greater visibility into which teams are having performance conversations and what kind of feedback is being given.
Jennifer McMillan
Talent and Learning Development Manager

Share feedback from wherever you work

Lattice makes sharing feedback easier and more visible by integrating with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Lattice Mobile, and your email provider.

Photo of Greg Erickson
You can praise a colleague in any Slack channel, in an email with the email add-on, or right in the Lattice platform.
Greg Erickson
People Team

Write better performance reviews in less time

When writing downward reviews, managers can see AI-generated insights based on the feedback their report has received during the review period. This helps them objectively highlight what went well and what areas of opportunity there are based on cross-functional feedback.

Photo of Jennifer McMillan
Lattice helps us to collect better and more reliable data. This has, in turn, enabled us to better understand our workforce and respond and act more meaningfully based on this feedback.
Jennifer McMillan
Talent and Learning Development Manager

Receive feedback from the right people

Peer feedback gives employees insights into how they work and where they can improve. Employees can even request feedback from external teams, like clients or customers, to learn how things went while working together.

Photo of Landon Pearson
The time of once-a-year feedback was soon to be over, and I knew that what our people needed was a way to track progress, have regular conversations, and pivot between tactical ‘to-dos’ and career feedback.
Landon Pearson
Chief People Officer

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