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Lattice HRIS

The HR information system built to work seamlessly with Lattice’s trusted Talent Suite.

Let’s clean up your HR tech stack.

As your company has grown, so has your suite of HR tools. Your team relies on software to enable everything from onboarding and engagement to compensation and promotions. For each task, you have a different solution, which means multiple logins, data sources, and vendor relationships. You invested in each HR tool to solve a pain point.

Instead, together, they created a bigger mess. 

There’s a better way.

Over the past eight years, we’ve built the Lattice Talent Suite to help HR leaders create stronger employee experiences and more meaningful work relationships because they lead to greater business outcomes. But the missing piece was an HRIS — the backbone, the central employee record — that helps you connect your programs to the employee data needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of your people.

We’ve heard you — you want systems that work better together. You want something purpose-built for speed. Purpose-built for deeper analytics. Purpose-built for your mid-size business. You deserve an HRIS that simplifies your days while accelerating your business.

So, we built it.


Meet Lattice HRIS

Connect high-impact talent programs to a complete employee record, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your people while you clean up your HR tech stack.

Roll out the red carpet for new teammates

Make new hires feel welcome with a rich onboarding experience.

Discover insights to power business strategy

Visualize, compare, and understand any employee record metric.

Analyze people metrics with data you can trust

Save, schedule, and share reporting according to any previous date.

Manage employees proactively

Make updates based on any field, status, or relevant milestone.

Automate change management

Build workflows that connect programs and policies.

Integrate seamlessly

Connect to best-of-breed vendors.

Stop hunting for docs

Esign, acknowledge, and view files.

And everything else you need for a successful HR team

Manage time off, access data-change logs, and create tasks — just to name a few.

The HRIS built for how HR works today — and tomorrow

Simplify your HR tech stack to work better together

Integrate with the best-of-breed talent products a scaling company needs to drive employee performance and engagement while assuring compliance.

Access clean and trusted people data

Make strategic business decisions with access to accurate, insightful, and actionable people data and reporting.

Drive business results through talent

Move beyond administrative work, and create the right people management programs needed to power org-wide efficiency, engagement, and performance.


Meet the teams writing the future of HR with Lattice

We've been using Lattice for the last year, and it's consistently been the best tool in my arsenal of HR products. By transitioning more of our tools over to Lattice, through the HRIS, we're actually consolidating that really elegant, trusted experience into one place. So it's just a no-brainer for us.
Photo of Maureen McGinnis, Head of People at Nomad
Mo McGinnis
Head of People
We need to build more efficiencies for our people leaders — minimizing the administrative side while also being able to step into the strategic side of the business. Lattice HRIS creates a one-stop shop for our people leaders to solve those needs and allow HR to get further integrated into the business.
Photo of Sarah Walker, Head of People at LTSE
Sarah Walker
Head of People
[With Lattice HRIS], we’re looking to utilize reporting to make data-driven decisions to increase engagement and productivity across our teams.
Photo of Misty Mittelman, Head of People at Trust & Will
Misty Mittelman
Head of People
Trust & Will
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