Unveiling Lattice’s Elevated Design

March 15, 2021

When you log in to Lattice today, you might notice it looks a little different. Well, actually, you can’t miss it. We’re thrilled to announce Lattice’s Elevated Design – a new way to experience Lattice.

Before we show you what’s new, we want to explain why we made this happen.

Lattice's mission is to make work meaningful. From our founding, we've had a clear vision of how our platform would offer clean, streamlined performance management to companies. Since then, we’ve evolved into a suite of products that continue to align with our mission, including continuous performance management, employee engagement, career growth.

Expanding the footprint of our product meant inevitably outgrowing the original user experience. So, while our original design suited us in the past, we’ve reevaluated how to best deliver user value now and as we continue to build and evolve Lattice.

Now, we’re excited to present the next evolution of Lattice. Let’s take a closer look.

Your New Home

Whether you’ve come to Lattice to plan your next 1:1, send feedback, or fill out your review, the Home page is your basecamp to easily set off in any direction. 

Our new layout has been designed to put Lattice’s products at your fingertips to help you take action quickly and keep moving. Our focus was to reduce clutter, allowing you to easily find the things that matter most for your workflow. Move from one task to the next with exactly the information you need to help you accomplish what you came to Lattice to do.

Discovery Navigation

Similar to the Home page, the new Discovery Navigation surfaces the information and workflows for quick navigating through Lattice.

The Discovery Navigation is your directory for information about you, your team, and your company. Lattice’s Elevated Design gives every employee easy access to exactly the tools they need so they can dive in and explore deeper functionality whenever they’d like.

See Your Connections

Our new People tab highlights the people you’re connected and work closest with.

The People tab centers all of Lattice’s tools within the context of the people connected to you – your 1:1s, feedback you’ve shared, and more. Tools within Lattice are important, but what’s more important is how those tools are used in relation to your teammates. The People tab is where you find those answers and see how you and your colleagues are empowering each others’ performance story.

Your Performance Toolkit

Your personal performance story is greater than the sum of its parts. Lattice’s tools are presented in context with each other and to empower you on your performance.

Our new Performance Toolkit brings together the key tools around performance management, making it easy for you to see your work in context and take control of your career path.

We brought everything from Reviews, to 1:1s, and Growth together to give you a complete picture of what you’ve done and where you’re headed. Everything you need to see and understand your performance story is available at your fingertips.

Turning Managers into Leaders

A product must be easy to use, but the true value is realized in its ability to deliver the right outcomes. For managers, that means building a high-performing team that drives results. The tools managers rely on should share that responsibility, or else those tools won’t serve the purpose they’re intended to accomplish.

With our new Elevated Design, we’ve also introduced an entirely new experience for managers. The My Team page is no longer just about what managers need to do, like plan their 1:1s and review updates. Now, it refocuses on what’s most important: your direct reports. It truly empowers managers to succeed at managing and continue conversations beyond their 1:1s by presenting a dashboard for their team’s performance, sentiment over time, and encouraging actions where they can support more.

With this experience, managers can take proactive steps to support their direct reports and become the leaders their team needs them to be.

Looking to the Future

We’re proud of the way Lattice’s Elevated Design pushes the platform to new heights, but we know design work is never truly done. This step lays the foundation for the products and services we’ll be introducing for years to come.  We’re looking forward – continuing to push the boundaries and evolving to help our customers create high-performing cultures and make work meaningful.

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