May 2024 Product Updates: New Lattice AI Features, Talent Reviews Enhancements, and the Next-Generation Analytics Explorer

Amaury Sablon
Amaury Sablon
May 31, 2024
Product Marketing Manager

Business leaders everywhere are currently being asked to do more with less, but HR teams are often tasked with doing the most. We understand the pressure you’re under, which is why we are committed to constantly innovating and improving our products to better support HR teams across the globe. You work hard for your people. Lattice works hard for you.

Our goal is to help you simplify your HR operations and empower you to drive your business forward with data-driven people solutions. The month of May has been bustling with exciting updates and new features across our platform, all designed to help you unlock your people’s true potential — not to mention your own. Here’s a detailed look at the latest Lattice releases. 

Enhancing Feedback & Engagement with AI-Powered Insights 

Our Lattice AI vision is simple: to augment managers with tools to better understand employees and drive performance more effectively. Our goal is to make your employee experience more human. We are thrilled to introduce two powerful features that will elevate the way you utilize feedback and engagement data. 

  • Lattice AI Engagement Insights: Admins and engagement admins can now quickly analyze survey results with AI-generated insights. As soon as a survey concludes, these insights will help you identify opportunities to enhance engagement levels within your company.
  • Lattice AI Feedback Summaries: Managers can access comprehensive AI-generated summaries of all feedback their reports received over the past 3, 6, or 12 months. These summaries aim to assist managers in writing more informed reviews while reducing recency bias. Both features are available on an opt-in basis, requiring activation by the company's super admin.

A product overview of AI-generated performance review comments 
Lattice AI Engagement Insights analyzes your results and open-ended feedback to deliver a key driver analysis

Streamlining Your Talent Assessments with Critical Lattice Talent Reviews Updates

Since its launch in April 2024, Lattice Talent Reviews has revolutionized the way companies approach succession planning, promotions, and performance management. HR leaders are leveraging Talent Reviews daily to elevate their decision-making processes. Based on valuable insights and feedback from our customers over the past few weeks, we are thrilled to introduce new enhancements to Talent Reviews designed to take your talent assessment strategy to the next level. Our latest updates include the ability to:

  • Bulk upload reviewees and assign reviewers via CSV during setup
  • View current and past talent review packets, as well as past performance review packets in the employee context panel
  • Add past talent review or performance review ratings to the calibration table for context
  • Bulk apply calibration group settings


An in-product view of a talent reviews cycle summary, showing which team members are promotion candidates
Streamline top-down talent reviews to gain deeper insights into your current talent and enhance overall performance 

Introducing a New Era of Data Analytics 

Lattice’s 2024 State of People Strategy Report found that 82% of high-performing HR teams are confident in demonstrating a link between HR programs and business outcomes, compared to only 40% of low-performing HR teams. This can only be done with robust people analytics, which is why we've made significant investments in our Analytics product, providing you with more comprehensive tools for understanding your workforce, HR processes, and the success of your people programs.

We've revamped the Analytics Explorer to enhance navigation, support scalability, and offer new data options. Additionally: 

  • Controls have been shifted to the left-hand side of the chart for improved accessibility
  • Users can now change the x-axis to any field, allowing for more customizable visualizations
  • We’ve introduced a new look and feel to the Analytics Explorer

Admins can now also view results for Automated Rules Reviews without the need for manual exporting and reconciliation. This new experience offers: 

  • Distribution charts, heatmaps, and average score views
  • Breakdown and filtering by different attributes, including time
  • Downloadable results as PNG or exportable data
An in-product view of Heatmaps, showing demographic breakdowns by gender.
Admins can now view results for Automated Rules Reviews, which includes Heatmaps.

Improving Roles, Permissions, and User Registration Pages

Based on feedback from our customers, we’ve implemented several platform updates designed to improve your Lattice experience. 

We released several visual design, UX, and content updates to the roles and permissions pages, including:

  • New sidebar previews and interaction patterns on the custom role page
  • Improved permissions for names and descriptions

Additionally, our user registration page now respects a company's field-level permission settings, ensuring hidden fields (e.g., job titles) do not appear for new hires to fill out. This update also includes slight UI tweaks for consistency with the rest of the product, reinforcing our commitment to honoring customers' preferences and maintaining their trust. 


We hope these updates enhance your experience with Lattice, making it easier and more efficient to achieve your HR goals. As always, we appreciate your feedback and look forward to continuing to improve our platform based on your needs.

Interested in learning more about our future products? Visit the new Lattice Product Updates hub. 

Not a Lattice customer? Request a demo to discover how Lattice's new and existing features can help uplevel your company's HR strategy. 

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