Lattice Unveils Talent Reviews to Identify Top Talent, Empower High-Performers, and Drive Performance at Every Level

Kelsey Donohue
Kelsey Donohue
April 10, 2024
Senior Communications Manager

Today, Lattice launched a new product that unlocks deeper insights into talent: Introducing Talent Reviews, a new tool within Lattice’s Performance product that will enable organizations to foster unbiased, data-driven conversations on employee performance and potential at every level. 

Lattice’s annual State of People Strategy Report found that performance management is top of mind for HR leaders in 2024: 38% of HR leaders ranked performance management as a top priority for the year, a 40% increase compared to 2022. HR teams now — more than ever — need robust tools to help their companies drive performance, productivity, and growth, and ensure employees can see a path to future success. Talent Reviews will give HR teams the opportunity to not just assess performance but re-calibrate to ensure role clarity across teams, nurture high-performers, and improve talent density within their organization.

“Lattice Talent Reviews is a true game-changer for HR leaders seeking to navigate the complexities of talent management, “ said Neha Monga, VP of Product at Lattice.

In speaking with customers, so many teams struggle to manage talent assessments using performance review workarounds and manual spreadsheets. We built Talent Reviews to give HR leaders more resources and insight in one place, so they can make more informed talent decisions.

Talent Reviews will help HR better assess and grow their talent density in a critical moment when many organizations are facing increasing people debt: the cost of lacking the basic infrastructure that employees need to do their jobs, like goals, career tracks, and role clarity. People debt is usually a direct result of teams neglecting to implement HR best practices and puts a company’s bottom line and future success at risk – while also making it more likely that top performers will leave for new opportunities.

Talent Reviews facilitate comprehensive top-down assessments of a company’s talent at any time, powering a configurable 9-box that can be calibrated to help teams understand their existing talent landscape, identify and align on high-potential employees, and make more informed business decisions, including succession and recruitment planning.  With customizable templates, companies can tailor these assessments to their specific needs, evaluating factors such as risk or impact of loss, promotion readiness, and performance versus potential.

"Using Lattice's 9-box for Talent Reviews is straightforward and convenient—the ability to have all important details organized in one place is fantastic." J.D. Slaughter, Group Vice President, Organizational Development & Effectiveness at Huge.

With Talent Reviews, organizations will be better equipped to:

  • Identify and support top performers by more clearly surfacing strengths and opportunities across teams and enabling smarter distribution of top talent.
  • Understand their existing talent landscape by identifying employees’ performance, leadership potential, talent gaps, and current skills all within a single workflow.
  • Improve employee development and career pathing by aligning employee trajectory with business needs and ensuring the necessary development plans such as growth tracks, mentoring, L&D initiatives and more are in place.
  • Strengthen succession planning, hiring, and promotion readiness strategies by providing an ongoing understanding of a company’s evolving talent landscape. 

“Ultimately, Talent Reviews represents a strategic investment in the future of talent management. HR teams need innovative tools to assess and nurture their talent to their full potential,” said Monga. “Our solution empowers HR leaders to facilitate more strategic discussions about talent, creating higher performing employees, teams, and organizations in the process.”   

Your company’s success depends on high-performing employees – and organizations should have the tools to track and understand their talent landscape to identify and grow those top performers. To learn more about Talent Reviews and how the product can help nurture top talent within your organization, request a Lattice demo today. 

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