Lattice Launches Individual Development Plans, Powering Both Short- and Long-term Meaningful Career Conversations

April 11, 2022

Lattice, the leading people success platform for businesses with people-first cultures, today announced the launch of Individual Development Plans (IDP) in Grow, a career development product within the Lattice platform. Grow provides transparency to employees' career journeys as an integrated employee development solution that helps companies make expectations crystal clear, turn managers into career coaches, and give employees agency over their growth.

“Individual Development Plans mark Lattice's continual commitment to empowering employees and enabling meaningful work environments,” said Eric Koslow, co-founder and CTO at Lattice. “We think that IDPs will be a powerful tool for organizations of all sizes and industries, allowing them to have deeper career conversations with their employees."

When executed well, individual development plans created collaboratively between employees and their managers or supervisors help effectively define an employee’s short- and long-term career goals. They help employees and managers better understand and work towards the employee’s career aspirations, which increase employee engagement, and boost morale and employee retention. Yet while there are many benefits, managers and employees often find the IDP process challenging, leading to inconsistent application of IDPs or no application at all.

"Lattice's IDPs will make it easier for our managers to support their direct reports with regular, high-quality career development, and our employees will feel more confident in charting their growth at our company," said Balbina Knight, Director of People & Projects, at Thrive Digital. “It’s huge that these career conversations live in Lattice and can tie into our other people management tools.”

Lattice’s IDPs allow people leaders to activate a consistent and effective career development program, as bringing these career plans into regularly used people management tools ensures they happen more consistently. This transparency and consistency help employees feel supported and empowered by their company and ultimately reduce attrition. 

Lattice’s Individual Development Plans include our Career Vision feature for long-term planning, the shorter-term Growth Areas tool, and development conversation templates and reminders.

With the addition of individual development plans into Lattice’s Grow product, Lattice is the only unified performance management, employee engagement, and career growth platform built for people success. Learn more about Lattice’s new IDPs, Career Vision, and how it works with the Lattice platform by visiting:

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