Lattice’s 2022 in Review

Annette Cardwell
Annette Cardwell
December 22, 2022
VP, Corporate Marketing

It’s time to turn the page on a challenging year. By any stretch, the past twelve months haven’t been easy. A cost of living crisis, recession fears, and geopolitical conflict have weighed heavily on employees’ minds — and yours. But at the same time, we witnessed the world turn a corner after the pandemic with a newfound appreciation for the relationships that mattered and the traditions that were missed.

We can’t call it a return to normalcy. But as we reflect on the state of the workplace, we also can’t help but feel optimistic for the future. Employees who may have felt professionally stuck are once again having meaningful career conversations with their managers. Teams are developing new norms to enable collaboration and alignment regardless of location, and businesses are realizing that driving performance starts with investing in your people.

We feel privileged to support over 4,500 workplaces in making work a more meaningful, shared experience. As we close out another unforgettable year, we can’t help but reflect on the important milestones our users reached in 2022. Every one-on-one, goal set, or piece of feedback represents an impactful moment for an employee or manager. Here’s a snapshot of what we accomplished together:

These milestones mean a lot for Lattice, mostly because they remind us why we’re in the business of people. Our mission has always been about empowering humans to build meaningful connections at work, and we look forward to doing this even more in 2023.

Happy New Year from all of us at Lattice!

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