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Jack Altman talks with SaaStr about his experience scaling Lattice

October 30, 2017

Jack Altman, Lattice’s Co-Founder and CEO, got the chance to discuss his experience scaling Lattice with Harry Stebbings on the SaaStr Podcast. Here's how you can listen to the episode:

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In this conversation, you'll learn about

  • Taking lessons from founding and scaling TeeSpring and applying them to Lattice
  • Getting into the world of SaaS and switching from B2C to B2B
  • Two fundamental challenges to rapid scaling in SaaS
  • Hiring people who understand how to navigate those challenges
  • Giving your departments the independence to change processes and take chances as the company grows
  • The importance of short qualification periods
  • Entering the established market of performance management, but doing so with a product that changes the game
  • How Lattice is becoming a leading voice in performance management

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