Introducing Lattice HRIS

Jack Altman
Jack Altman
September 19, 2023
Founder & Chairman

We here at Lattice have been anticipating today for a long time when we announce our most important new product since we first launched the company in 2016: Lattice HRIS, an HR information system purpose-built for the needs of midsized companies and designed to work seamlessly
with Lattice’s trusted Talent Suite.

We started Lattice in 2015 with a clear mission to make work meaningful. We saw that work was changing, and we believed a fundamental shift in the role of the HR team would accompany it. 

So, over the past eight years, we built a series of applications to help HR leaders create stronger employee experiences and more meaningful work relationships, because they lead to greater business outcomes. We built products from performance management and employee engagement surveys to career development and compensation management — all from the idea that humans are the most valuable asset for any company.

While the evolution of SaaS has mostly been an amazing thing, there’s one growing challenge: The world of software is noisy, and there are more products than ever for every nook and cranny of every business process. The result is that HR tech stacks have gotten complicated, especially for mid-sized companies. 

The early days of a company are well-addressed by all-in-one tools that help you manage payroll, benefits, HR, and so much more in a single system. And the needs of large, mature companies are handled by a set of enterprise products that can take on the complexity of an organization with thousands of employees.

What we've consistently heard over the years from customers with 50-1,000 employees is that, between the startup days and late-stage maturity, there are many years of a "messy middle." Here, your tech stack expands, tooling sprawls, and the headaches grow and grow. Your team relies on software to enable everything from onboarding and engagement to compensation and promotions. For each task at hand, you have a different solution, which means multiple logins, data sources, and vendor relationships. 

We’ve heard you — you want fewer systems that efficiently work better together. Today, we’re cleaning up that messy middle with the launch of Lattice HRIS.

We built Lattice HRIS to work seamlessly with the Lattice Talent Suite and all other HR tools you currently use to tie every aspect of your employee experience together — helping your company adapt to change, exceed goals, and demonstrate how your high-impact talent programs drive results.

We want to create a world where a growing company can work with the best of the best for its core HR needs using as few tools as possible because they all work well with each other. We’re building a platform with the best offerings across performance management, employee engagement, compensation, HRIS, and more — while partnering with best-of-breed partners across payroll, benefits, recruiting, and other critical needs.

Get ready to clean up your tech stack and unlock a clearer understanding of your people. Our early access program is live, and we invite you to join the waitlist to learn more about Lattice HRIS today.

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