Introducing Lattice Grow — Employee Development for the New World of Work

September 16, 2020

Growth is fundamental to the human experience. For us to feel fulfilled, we crave challenges that push us to the next level. We need mountains to climb and goals that we can reach toward and achieve. And we need the sense as individuals that we're progressing in our lives. 

The same is true in our professional lives. As employees, we strive for working environments where we constantly look to gain new experiences that will advance our careers. A growth mindset is at the heart of all thriving companies. That’s why employee development is critical for long-term business success.

At Lattice, our mission is to make work meaningful. We work with our customers and their employees to unlock career meaning in two key ways: continuous performance management and employee engagement. But while our products provided insight into past performance and current engagement,  we wanted to take it one step further to address the need for employee development in order to make work more meaningful with a focus on the future.

Today, we are really excited to announce the third pillar to the Lattice platform — Lattice Grow, the first employee growth and development product built for the new world of work.

Lattice Grow redefines talent management as talent acceleration. Grow puts employees in charge of their own development, giving them and their managers a roadmap of actionable steps for continuous discussion and a transparent view of success. Meanwhile, it also gives companies the infrastructure to manage their employees’ career growth and align it to broader business goals and success. 

Grow incorporates employee-developed growth plans into various key manager touchpoints, like one-on-one meetings, performance reviews, or their weekly updates — allowing for organic development conversations that help them feel supported in their careers while helping companies reduce regrettable attrition. 

Chris Yeh, Sr. Manager of Talent Acceleration at Clio, sums it up this way: “We are all about ensuring that each employee is in the driver seat of their developmental journey, and Lattice Grow, in conjunction with the suite of tools in Lattice Performance, helps make that a reality. Grow and Performance gives managers and employees tools to have real dialogue around where they want to go, where they stand, and how to get there.”

The addition of Grow improves the Lattice offering by...

  • Creating transparency in expectations and areas for focus as employees look to evolve their careers with integrated Competency Matrices and Career Tracks.
  • Accelerating careers by offering clear guidance for growth progression in the form of collaborative, easy to track Growth Plans.
  • Drive company growth as employees focus on key areas of impact that align with larger company needs and values.
  • Provide guidance for managers to consistently incorporate Growth Areas and development goals into conversations, rather than in a standalone dust-collecting document.

At Lattice, we want to make sure that employees don't just know how they've performed, that they don't just get to express how they feel, but they get to know what they're working towards. They get to make sure that their manager and their companies are working with them to know their career aspirations. And that they can then have clear steps to getting there.

Lattice is the highest-rated product and the Momentum Leader on the G2 Grid for Career Management. Customers like Clio, Reddit, Coinbase, and Webflow have invested in employee development with Lattice Grow and are already seeing strong results. In fact, Nicole Hopkins, the Director of People at Webflow, says “Lattice Grow is the missing piece to holistic talent management.”

In addition, Lattice worked with the experts at People Design House to create the Lattice Competency Guide that helps businesses jumpstart their Employee Development efforts with company-wide competencies. The Lattice Competency Guide is an exclusive asset to Lattice customers.

To learn more about Lattice Grow and see how it can help your company drive employee and company growth, check out more on or get a demo from our team. 

For more on the announcement of Lattice Grow, check out the press release.

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