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How to Use Performance Management to Inspire Employee Growth

Learn how integrating performance and growth drives bottom line impact, and get a framework for success.

As many as 47% of your employees could be actively looking for a role with better growth opportunities. That’s a lot of valuable people you could lose if you frame growth as a business objective rather than a people-centric one.

The fact is, your people want a career, not a job that’s viewed as a transactional process. They want you to invest in their growth, and in return they’ll invest their performance in your success. 

For HR teams, this presents a big opportunity: Treat growth and performance as integrated concepts and you’ll be rewarded with more motivated, productive, and happier employees. 

Explore how to blend performance and growth to power the employee lifecycle and boost your bottom line in the latest eBook from Lattice.  We also share our actionable four-step framework.


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