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Focusing on People Success to Drive Business Success

Jack Altman
Jack Altman
March 2, 2022
Founder & Chairman

People are central to the success of every company. Every product, invention, innovation, and discovery was made by individuals or teams of people working together to achieve a meaningful goal. People are the heart and soul that drives every organization forward. And when you don’t help them succeed, they won’t help your company succeed — and they will leave.

Years ago, my cofounder Eric Koslow and I decided to leave a company we’d cared about deeply and invested a lot into because we saw what happens when a company doesn’t attend to its people with intentionality. We knew that not only was this not uncommon but that it was perhaps the norm.

Without a clear and persistent investment in people, companies can’t succeed.

This was the central insight that led us to start Lattice. We could see that the world of work was changing. We saw an opportunity to be the answer for companies that realized they could get better results when they put the employees’ interests first.

Now, work is changing yet again. An unprecedented two years of pandemic, hybrid work, and personal reevaluation have pushed people to rethink how and why they work. And as companies grow and need to hire quickly, the competition for talent in nearly every industry is at an all-time high. 

Rightfully so, employee expectations have reached new heights. Employees want much more than a transactional relationship. They want companies to invest in them as much as they invest in those companies.

  • They expect leaders to be transparent and authentic, to engage in a dialog about their needs, and to make quick and impactful adjustments in response. 
  • They want companies driven by a meaningful mission and they require a clear understanding of their role in that mission. 
  • They expect companies to offer more flexibility, in some cases asking for permanent shifts away from offices, yet expecting companies to keep them feeling connected and inspired. 
  • And ultimately employees want to work for leaders who not only meet these needs but who invest as much in their people’s long-term growth as they do in their short-term productivity.

We at Lattice want everything that we build to reinforce that symbiotic relationship between people and business success. From goals and OKRs to performance management to engagement surveys to employee development tools to People analytics, we want leaders and HR teams to have the tools and insights they need to ensure people success. 

We believe that People Success is the starting point for business success. While it can feel scary, we couldn’t have more conviction that if you trust the process of focusing on the success of your employees, the success of your business will follow.

Lattice’s People Success platform is the best way to start investing in your employees so they can invest in your business.

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