Teams, meet People Management — Introducing the Lattice App for Microsoft Teams

October 7, 2020

Collaboration tools have never been more important than they are today. The spontaneity of in-office conversations is seemingly a distant memory, and while we've tried to recreate that feeling of connectedness in our virtual spaces, it takes more intentionality and investment in tools that integrate and help improve collaborative remote work experiences.

Today at Lattice, we're announcing the Lattice App for Microsoft Teams, bringing people management and people strategy to where high-performing teams collaborate every single day.

The Lattice App for Microsoft Teams makes it possible to build a culture of continuous feedback at your company overnight and ensure that your people management initiatives always get the attention and adoption they deserve. With the Lattice app, you can:

Get Goal Updates

With Lattice, goals become the north star for every conversation, so your leaders are always up to speed and your employees are always focused and engaged. Get notified of new goals and goal updates across your organization in Microsoft Teams.

Never miss another Performance Review Deadline

Notifications that inspire real-time action — with no inbox bloat. With the Lattice App for Microsoft Teams, you can let your team know when Performance Management actions are required right where they're already working.

Prepare for your upcoming 1:1s

Make your one-on-one meetings more effective by creating the context for a productive conversation. The Lattice App for Microsoft Teams lets you know when it's time to collaborate on your 1:1 agenda so your conversations are impactful every time.

See all your Feedback: constructive or praise

Stop waiting until the annual performance review and build a culture of continuous feedback. Get notified any time you get feedback and keep it all in one place for review season for faster, more rich reviews.

Stay in tune with your team with Updates

Prioritize the most important work and clear obstacles for your team with Updates that keep you and your whole company on the same page.

Engagement, Pulse, and eNPS Survey delivery

Increase your survey completion rate by delivering invitations directly in Microsoft Teams with Lattice.

If you're a Lattice and Microsoft Teams customer, you can get started with the Lattice app for Teams right away to drive people management, engagement, and high performance where you're already collaborating with your team by visiting our listing on Microsoft AppSource. If you want to learn more about Lattice's integrations or see more of what Lattice can do for your organization, we'd love to chat with you.

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