Allow me to reintroduce myself: Lattice Goals

June 6, 2019

Even the best goals are wasted when they collect dust. At best, they act as record-keeping, but at worst, it can lead to distrust in the goal-setting process altogether. Ultimately, the consequence is that goals become less valuable: because they aren’t forward looking, employees don’t use them to guide their work and don’t serve as useful performance indicators.

Great goals guide our work throughout the year. We look back on what we set out to accomplish and see how we progressed and grew, and we can clearly connect our contributions to the success of the business as a whole.

To fix broken goal setting, goals need to be injected into every day, their impact & purpose need to be clear to employees, and they need to drive performance forward. That’s why today we’re introducing Lattice’s entirely revamped Goals product to help teams set more ambitious, meaningful goals that employees use to self-motivate, prioritize, and engage in their work. It’s not just cascading goals, or more automated goal-setting processes, it’s the only Goals product optimized for developing engaged, high-performing teams.

Here’s what we’re releasing today to enhance our existing goals & OKRs management suite:

We’ve brought back Cascading Goals

By making company and leadership objectives crystal clear, employees align personal achievement with the success of the entire business and can see how their work impacts the company.

Introducing Goal Cycles

A workflow for adding structure and organization to the goal-setting process so that your organization can’t help but succeed. Notification, reminder and communication automation remove the busywork from keeping everyone on track, and out-of-the-box reporting gives admins immediate insights on progress and participation to make more proactive decisions about company goal-setting. Draft and archived goal statuses allow for a more enriched end-to-end goal experience for employees.

Goal Explorer and People Team admin tools

New visualizations for reviewing goals at every level of the organization and keeping goals top of mind, in addition to goal visibility settings and permissions that allow for the right level of customization and control.

Lattice has obviously changed a lot over the past couple years. While we started with Goals, we’ve built beyond our initial product and introduced a platform for HR that’s focused on people and performance, and haven’t stopped looking forward.

We continue in that direction with today’s product enhancements to ensure that people leaders everywhere are equipped to turn managers into leaders, employees into high performers, and companies into the best places to work.

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