Bring more actionable feedback, praise, and awareness to everyday conversations: Introducing Lattice + Slack

April 23, 2019

Performance management can feel like extra work. Frequently, employees need multiple reminders to fill out a performance review, forget to give each other feedback, and never set goals. Employees want to use HR software that feels and works like the apps they use in the rest of their lives — this dynamic exists at every organization.

If your team is like Slack’s, or any of their millions of users, you are living in the Slack app every day. Starting right now, you won’t ever need to leave Slack to give your teammates feedback and praise, turn on a constant stream of recognition, or give helpful nudges to your team when they need to do something for you (like write that peer review).

Today – we’re launching Lattice + Slack to bring more actionable feedback, praise, and employee awareness to everyday conversations.

Give feedback & praise without ever leaving Slack

Lattice makes it easy to embed real-time feedback and praise into the app you already use the most. Employees can give each other feedback anywhere in Slack. The feedback gets stored in Lattice for future conversations, 1-on-1’s, or Reviews, and if Public Praise, also posted to a public channel.

Turn on a constant stream of recognition

Recognize employee wins by creating a praise channel for your team. Praise given from Slack or Lattice gets posted in both places, giving employees the flexibility to celebrate wins with each other wherever they work best.

Real-time notifications, no inbox bloat

With Lattice + Slack, performance review notifications get pushed directly into Slack, so more employees complete their reviews, without the “ACTION REQUIRED” email fatigue. This builds on our existing notification systems like goal progress and public updates, which help teams foster more transparency.

The bottom line

Lattice + Slack won’t just increase adoption of performance management processes — these tools have the power to transform organizations. When employees understand what they need to work on, get the feedback they need to get better, and feel recognized for their hard work, employees stay longer and are more productive. When all of this happens in places they work all the time, businesses benefit.

Ready to get started? Follow these instructions to add the Lattice App to your Slack.

This is just the beginning, and we’re excited to continue our partnership with Slack to help build the future of work. Interested in seeing how Lattice helps you get more out of Slack and develops high-performing and engaged teams? Book a demo to learn more.

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