Lattice Launches Technology Partnership with UKG

July 25, 2022

Lattice today announced its new technology partnership with UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people. Lattice and UKG are focused on creating better employee experiences for everyone, to drive people success and improve business outcomes. 

With this collaboration, organizations that utilize both Lattice and UKG Pro will be able to eliminate manual administration of employee records in Lattice and ensure no duplicate employee records are created, automate new hire provisioning and employee termination/resignation to Lattice, and synchronize custom attributes across applications to automate business rules and run advanced reports.

UKG solutions are developed with its Life-work Technology™ approach. Life-work Technology emphasizes people systems that inspire the workforce by enabling autonomy and flexibility, and by connecting people to their colleagues and roles with purpose. These work systems help businesses thrive by offering higher productivity, optimizing teamwork, and providing more opportunity for people to support each other and their communities.  

“At UKG, we strive to create lifelong partnerships with our customers, helping them create modern people experiences to drive better business outcomes and anticipate employee needs beyond just work,” said Mike May, Vice President of Technology Partnerships at UKG.

By cultivating a highly engaged ecosystem of technology partners, including Lattice, we’re able to help create a more seamless and empowering technology experience.

The integration with UKG also automatically syncs new information - like new employees, promotions, and more - adding additional insight to employee profiles. This enables managers and HR teams to see the full picture and better understand employees’ experiences at their company and removes the need to update multiple platforms.

Building an enduring company starts with a strong team. Invest in your employees with the combined benefits of full-service HR with the leading People Success Platform. To learn more about Lattice’s new integration with UKG, visit:

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