Your Survey Results Are In. Lattice Empowers You to Tackle What’s Next with Driver Analysis & Action Plans

January 19, 2021

You know this feeling — you just finished your Employee Engagement survey. It went off without a hitch. Running these is like second nature for you now. Immediately after you have all your results, though, you’re left with crucial questions: Which areas are worth your teams’ and managers’ time to focus on addressing for improvement? Which questions are the most important for us to improve? 

Answering these questions is not an easy task, and guessing is scary. 

People leaders want to take action and make an impact. That requires deep listening to make sure employees feel heard, making data-driven decisions on where to make change, and a nimble response model that adjusts in real-time to meet their company’s needs. 

But even the most well-intentioned teams struggle to do this because most Engagement tools don’t help users connect their results and their path to meaningful improvement. 

Understanding what drives engagement is the first step toward improving it.

So we asked ourselves how we could give every People team a roadmap to the most engaged version of their workforce and the tools to execute against it, which is why today at Lattice we’re launching Driver Analysis and Action Plans — two new Lattice features that wire insight and action into your Engagement DNA so you can impact your entire company every time you run an engagement survey. 

One of the hardest things to do is prioritizing where to focus efforts for improvement so you can increase overall employee engagement. It’s not enough to simply choose your lowest scores or focus on questions that broadly influence engagement – forward-thinking organizations need to go beyond favorability scores and focus on the questions and themes that have the greatest impact specifically on their company’s overall engagement levels. 

By using advanced statistical analysis, Driver Analysis is able to immediately identify the questions that have the strongest impact on the metrics you care about most, so you can prioritize the right things for your company. It’s like adding a Ph.D. in Statistics to your team every time you run an engagement survey so you have all the confidence in the world when action planning. 

From there, Action Plans make it easy for companies to respond to and act on employee feedback in a way that promotes accountability and transparency. With collaboration between the People team, company leaders, and managers built-in, you’ll have the foundation to move from insight to action effortlessly with all the tools necessary to execute and track progress in real-time. 

In addition to these new features, we’re also including a robust library of research-backed Suggested Actions that have been designed with impact in mind by Lattice Advisory Services experts right into the action planning workflow, so people leaders have the inspiration to start their process and managers can autonomously close the loop on their team's feedback without extra help from HR.

To learn more about Lattice Engagement, Driver Analysis & Action Plans, check out our brand new Engagement webpage, or get a demo from our team. 

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