Lattice Increases Streamlined Data Delivery Across Tools with Improved Workday Integration

Julian Clarke
Julian Clarke
March 30, 2023
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Lattice, the leading provider of people management software that empowers company leaders to build engaged and high-performing teams that drive business success, today announced its continued effort to strengthen its partner ecosystem with an improved Workday integration. 

This updated integration allows companies to securely sync their Workday employee data into the Lattice system to be able to interact more easily and effectively with less risk for error so HR and People leaders can focus on doing what’s most important, running impactful people programs.

HR information systems (HRIS) enable companies to maintain and monitor core HR, payroll, and benefits administration — usually thought of as back-end human resources functions. Paired with a people management platform that handles performance management, employee engagement, and analytics like Lattice, HR leaders can seamlessly integrate and share information across both platforms without having to worry about security issues or loss of data.

Unlike most platform integrations that require developer involvement or deeper technical expertise to set up, HR admins have the ability to set up the Lattice Workday integration themselves which saves countless hours and effort.

Learn more about this integration on our Lattice integrations page.

Visit our Help Center to explore how to configure the integration.

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