Your new hires should feel like they belong from day one: New Lattice onboarding features deliver great new hire experiences

January 12, 2022

It’s 2022 – a new year. And a new year means fresh budgets and reinvigorated recruiting, which brings plenty of opportunity and change. Some of that change is welcome: an influx of new hires, optimism and ambitious goals for the business, and an open road ahead to seize them. 

On top of these changes, HR teams remain busy with a flurry of challenges like the Great Resignation, safety protocols, hybrid work processes, and yet another coronavirus variant. People leaders are feeling pressure to deliver impact from every angle. 

Amid all this, it might be easy to lose sight of how meaningful and lasting a great onboarding experience can be for employees, but it’s a critical part of your People program: Brandon Hall Group found that organizations with a strong onboarding process improve employee retention by 82 percent, and see gains of over 70 percent in productivity. At the same time, most employees aren’t impressed with the way their company handles onboarding: Gallup found that only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees. 

So what’s missing here? Why are companies struggling to give every new hire a great experience and an immediate sense of belonging from day one? 

According to HCI research, one of the top reasons is that HR teams struggle to measure the effectiveness of onboarding programs to begin with, and only a quarter of employees say they were asked for their feedback on the new hire experience. Given the positive impact this can have on an employee’s experience, their long-term performance and willingness to refer other potential employees, onboarding should absolutely be one of your top priorities in 2022. Here’s the good news: Lattice is about to make your life easier.

Today we’re introducing three brand new Lattice products and features to help you automatically make a positive impact on every new hire’s experience from day one.  

The first we’d like you to meet is Onboarding Surveys. With automated Onboarding Surveys, People teams can not only measure but optimize the new hire experience for every single employee. Why is this crucial? New hires have a unique and valuable perspective on company culture and can share essential feedback about their onboarding experience. Acting on that feedback could be the difference between regrettable attrition and long-term employee retention and engagement.

Onboarding surveys 

  • With intelligent start-date-based automation you’ll be getting responses from employees every week about where the onboarding program is succeeding and falling short. Set it up once and turn on a faucet of feedback — no more manual heavy lifting to send ad hoc surveys to every new hire. 
  • With cohort analysis, you’ll get rich, ongoing insights that let you know how your program is evolving over time
  • Identifiable responses make your onboarding survey program as actionable as possible for both managers and HR teams, ensuring every employee gets the best onboarding experience possible
  • You won’t be doing it on your own. Lattice offers expert-built survey templates or complete customization with guidance from best practices.

On top of these tools to capture and act on new hire feedback, we’re introducing new and improved tools that let every employee bring their whole self to work and collaborate more effectively and transparently. 

Amazing new improvements to the org chart

  • Card and navigation UI improvements that make it easier to see where people sit and what they’re focused on.
  • One-click image exporting for use in slide decks or anywhere else you might need them. 
  • Search! Easily find the teammates you’re looking for and see what they’re focused on and where they’re aligned in the business.

Pronouns in Lattice

  • Lattice is committed to building a more inclusive platform, and gender pronouns play an important role in creating a welcoming community for members of all gender identities. The "Pronouns" field in Lattice allows users to add their gender pronouns to their Lattice profile and let others know how to refer to them.
  • Users can add pronouns in the pronouns field in both the registration form and in their account settings as well as edit their pronouns at any time in account settings. Users that choose to add pronouns to this field will have their pronouns displayed in various places across the site next to their name. The pronouns field in Lattice is only editable by the user themselves because it is important to give the power of self-identification to individuals.

To learn more about Lattice Engagement and Onboarding Surveys, check out our Engagement and Onboarding web pages. You can check out all of our products and features on, or get a demo from our team for more details.

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