Lattice Advisory Services Launches to Improve People Strategy Initiatives at Scale

October 13, 2020

Companies today are facing difficult dilemmas — witnessing the rapid evolution of external factors beyond their control like public health, social justice, technology, and belonging — and wrestling with how the resultant landscape will impact their employees. People teams are on the front lines of these decisions, pivoting plans to support their organizations with new forward-facing strategies. In the face of these changing times, we’re thrilled to be able to offer additional support to People teams with the launch of Lattice Advisory Services (LAS), a holistic people management advisory group and partner ecosystem.

The initial focus of LAS is on surfacing the methodologies and best practices that form the foundation to effective, progressive people strategies. These will be aggregated and analyzed from academic research, industry expertise and market analyses to arm companies with the understanding of what practices are successful, the conditions under which they are successful, and what that success looks like across individuals, teams and companies.

The Lattice Advisory Services team will use their research and findings to guide customers according to their unique needs, priorities, and stages of their business and teams. This will provide a much-needed blueprint to build effective programs and actions, while maintaining the flexibility to evolve as those needs change. The LAS trusted partners ecosystem will further provide People leaders with the personalized support and expertise required to execute on their People strategies. 

In today’s turbulent times, we’ve felt the dramatic and rapid focus on people management solutions as businesses adapt their teams to remote work culture. Companies are looking for assistance, expertise, and guidance to support them in the creation of new strategies and initiatives to evolve in changing times. Lattice has been dedicated to providing support and materials to help People leaders navigate this rapid change, and today we are taking the next step in championing companies that prioritize their people.The Lattice Advisory Services team knows that people strategy is business strategy, and is excited to bring new value through data-informed, strategic insights and guidance.

To learn more about the work Lattice Advisory Services will focus on, click here.

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