Introducing Lattice's New Customer Onboarding Offering

October 25, 2022

Lattice, the leading provider of people success software that empowers business leaders to build engaged and high-performing teams and inspire winning cultures, today announced the release of its newly improved Customer Onboarding team and solution. With a new methodology designed to bring more strategy, guidance, and agility to its rapidly growing customer ecosystem, the new offering will provide deeper and more accessible support when onboarding Lattice internally.

As part of its updated Customer Onboarding solution, Lattice has restructured its process to include:

  • A best-in-class, people-centric team to help guide new users through the onboarding process;
  • Updated enablement content and frameworks to turn current planning into actionable strategy;
  • Customized training for key user groups including HR administration, managers, and employees;
  • Configuration and integration guidance focused on best practices and adoption strategies.

“When onboarding is done with a customer-centric approach, users are empowered to get the most out of the tool,” said David Pyrzenski, Head of Customer Onboarding at Lattice. “This refresh of our offering doubles down on our intent to put people at the center of the Lattice experience. Typical software implementation aspect of services involves integration, configuration, and data-related work. The work we do with customers is completely focused on ensuring they feel comfortable, confident, and prepared to use Lattice for their People Programs.”

“Our Customer Onboarding Manager became a trusted advisor to me,” said Abby Martin, SVP of People Operations at Zefr. “I was surprised at how much support I received. At kickoff, we set goals and clearly defined what success would look like, and by the time we graduated, I couldn’t believe how much we accomplished. It really sealed the deal that we had made the right decision with Lattice.”

In today’s new world of work, everyone has been impacted by the rapid focus on people success solutions as businesses continue to adapt their teams to remote work culture. Companies are looking for assistance and guidance to support them in setting up new strategies and initiatives to evolve in changing times. Lattice has been dedicated to supporting People leaders and their teams navigate this rapid change, and today we are taking the next step in championing companies that prioritize their people. The Customer Onboarding team knows that people strategy is business strategy, and is excited to bring new value through data-informed, strategic guidance, and support.

Lattice has spent the last year on a focused effort to rebuild its previous implementation offering to better meet the needs of customers in the new world of work. These new Customer Onboarding offerings are now available for all Lattice customers.

Learn more about Lattice’s new customer onboarding offering.

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