Lattice Payroll: Build a Pay-for-Performance Culture, From Strategy to Execution

June 25, 2024

At Lattice, we’re hyper-focused on helping HR leaders drive real strategic impact. Navigating administrative work and fragmented systems often creates inefficiencies that stunt their ability to focus on what moves the business forward.

In today's competitive landscape, operational excellence is not just a goal for companies — it's a necessity. For HR, it stands as a top priority: Employees account for 70% of a company's expenses, so employee efficiency and productivity are critical for achieving strong business results. This begins with mastering the business fundamentals, and nothing is more fundamental than payroll. Fast, reliable payroll cycles ensure that a company’s most valuable assets — its people — are paid correctly and on time.

So today, we are announcing Lattice Payroll, our end-to-end payroll solution that will be fully integrated into our HRIS and Talent Suite. Mid-sized and growing businesses can now build a pay-for-performance culture, from strategy to execution, all within Lattice.

A screenshot of Lattice Payroll featuring a breakdown of base pay by performance ratings.
With Lattice HRIS, you can report on employee compensation to ensure top performers are rewarded fairly.

With payroll now part of the Lattice People Platform, you can run a performance review, manage a strategic compensation cycle, and have all the changes accurately hit your employees’ bank accounts. Lattice Payroll will include W-4 onboarding, time tracking, employee payslips, trend reporting, and AI-powered anomaly detection, which will proactively detect potential errors so they can be fixed before they become expensive problems. If an hourly employee logs abnormal hours or pay cycle costs increase unexpectedly, HR and finance are alerted proactively.

We've eliminated unnecessary stress that running payroll often causes — no more side spreadsheets, copying and pasting data, or long email chains.

A Lattice Payroll screenshot showing regular pay, reimbursements, and gross pay listed by employee.
Prevent accidental overages and pay surprises with AI-powered anomaly detection.

We’ve partnered with Gusto, one of the most trusted names in payroll, to bring this functionality to Lattice. Each year, Gusto processes tens of billions of dollars in payroll, ensuring 300K+ businesses around the world can run seamless pay cycles every time. With Gusto’s embedded solution, Lattice customers will now get the payroll infrastructure they trust from Gusto alongside the people management products they love from Lattice. Easy money, so to speak.

In addition to Lattice Payroll, Lattice is also offering every business a way to ensure relevant employee detail changes in Lattice HRIS seamlessly reach their payroll provider of choice through Payroll Hub. Now, when employees join or leave your company, change their address, or have adjustments to their compensation, the updates can be surfaced and exported to a business’s preferred payroll provider.

Lattice Payroll and Payroll Hub are meaningful additions to the Lattice HRIS product suite. Thanks to early-access customer feedback, we’ve added practical HRIS capabilities such as:

  • Approving time off and workflows from Slack
  • Pro-rating accrued time off for new hires
  • Changing approvers for in-flight workflows
  • Customizing rich welcome content in the onboarding experience
  • And a whole lot more!

“Not only does Lattice HRIS provide solutions that can flex to fit your company’s situation, but the Lattice team’s responsiveness is second to none," says Andy Rindlisbach, People & Operations Specialist at LTSE.

"Every team member I’ve interacted with has consistently demonstrated their commitment to understanding and addressing what’s important to me as a customer. They take their partnerships seriously, and I’d feel confident recommending Lattice HRIS to any HR professional.”

Today is a big step forward for HR — giving them the tools they need to simplify people operations and act on employee insights that drive business impact. You can’t afford to get employee pay wrong. Get it right with Lattice. Join the early access program.

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