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Close the Loop on Employee Feedback with Anonymous Comment Replies

March 31, 2021

Acting on employee feedback is the point of running an engagement survey. Although Driver Analysis and Action Plans empower you to identify long-term solutions, sometimes a more immediate response is needed. 

But here’s the problem: While survey anonymity facilitates more open and honest feedback, it makes it hard for leaders, managers, and HR teams to respond to employee comments individually. In the past, closing the loop on important individual issues or acknowledging a great piece of feedback just wasn’t feasible without issuing broad statements or breaching employee trust.

Today, Lattice is solving this for company leaders, managers, and HR teams alike by introducing Anonymous Comment Replies for Lattice Engagement.

Close the loop on employee feedback:

When there’s feedback that needs to be responded to on an individual basis, you can reply with an acknowledgement or follow-up information. Employees are notified and have the opportunity to continue the conversation in Lattice while remaining anonymous.

Collaborate with company leaders to craft the best response possible:

Managers and HR teams alike can identify comments that need to be addressed, assign them for a response from the most relevant person, or ask for help when needed so replies are authentic and thoughtful.

Employees can add more context and let you know when their issue is addressed, all while staying anonymous:

The promise of anonymity is an essential one. It’s important for employees to feel like they can be honest throughout the process of giving feedback to their company leaders — being able to create a two-way dialogue while preserving that anonymity provides massive value to both employees and leaders. 

Anonymous Engagement surveys give companies the power to both celebrate where their culture thrives and confront uncomfortable issues inside their organization. Employees gain confidence knowing they can be honest, and leaders can truly hold a mirror up to themselves and their business to see the realities of their culture and work-life.

Beginning today, Lattice Engagement customers can take advantage of all these new capabilities for Engagement Surveys. We've also make these capabilities available for Pulse Surveys so you can close the loop continuously on employee feedback. If you’re eager to learn about Lattice Engagement and Anonymous Comment Replies, check out our Engagement webpage or request a demo from one of our product experts!

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