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Give feedback tied to company values

May 23, 2017

Every company has a set of values that define how employees should operate within an organization, but, often times, these values collect dust on the about us page of a company website.

At Lattice, we believe that being mindful of company values is incredibly important for company culture and should be used as a measuring stick for employee performance. And we’re not alone, as Rainforest QA CEO, Fred Stevens-Smith, explained in a recent RfH interview, “your values are the yardstick you evaluate people against.” Company values provide necessary context for an employee’s actions within an organization and should be used as an anchor for feedback conversations.

To help bring company values to the forefront, users can now tie company values to any piece of feedback they share across an organization.

To learn how to set this up for your organization, check out this help center article.

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