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Virtual Conference


Exclusive videos from Lattice's inaugural virtual conference for People leaders.


Jack Altman — CEO and Co-founder, Lattice

Business at a Crossroads: Reinventing HR for 2020

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Josh Bersin — Global Industry Analyst and Dean, Josh Bersin Academy

Recruiting Trends for Hiring Your Next Top Performers

From A.I. to a focus on candidate experience, we'll bring together talent leaders from high-growth companies to talk about trends that they're employing in the recruiting process.

Mike Bailen — VP of People, Lever
Mike Moriarty — Global Head of Talent and Acquisition, Dropbox

How Continuous Feedback Can Level Up Performance

When you build continuous feedback into your system of performance management, you develop a two-way ongoing conversation with employees on how they can perform better and align with the company's goals. We talk to leaders at companies who rely on feedback to get their people on track and perform well.

Stephanie Garcia — SVP of People, Postmates
Amanda Myton — Director, Employee Development, Anaplan

The Future of Flexible Work

Remote work and flexible schedules are already very acceptable work arrangements at many companies these days. But what other flexible work trends are on the horizon? We talk to People leaders and experts about the next flexible work needs and how companies are incorporating them.

Heather Doshay — VP of People, Webflow
Linette Jensen — Director, Employee Development, Anaplan

Build an Employer Brand that Attracts Top Performers

As companies compete for talent, Employer Brand Strategy has become a must for companies to capture the short attention span of today’s candidates. We talk about how to leverage engagement initiatives to improve employee perceptions, how to best leverage employees to tell your brand story for you, and how to organize your efforts business-wise.

Kelli Dragovich — Chief People Officer, Looker
Margo Downs — Former Chief People and Culture Officer, Stitch Fix

The Employee Engagement Metrics That Matter

Survey results, eNPS, turnover rates, absenteeism — there are lots of KPIs for measuring employee engagement, but which ones actually matter? We talk to people leaders about which metrics they use, and how they turn them into tactics to create better-engaged people.

Olivia Bair — Director of Global HR, Instapage
Grayden Holubar — Associate Director of People Operations, Artsy

In¢entive$ Rule Everything Around Me: The Psychology of Employee Recognition

Morgan Chaney — Senior Director of Marketing, Blueboard

The Career Ladder is Dead: Employee Growth Strategies to Help Retain Top Talent

Employees used to have to commit to a linear career path in order to grow their careers and would leave their company in order to change career direction or try something new. But now, thanks to innovative people development policies like internal mobility and boomeranging, that's all changing. We talk to People leaders at companies that are getting creative with programs that retain great people who are looking to grow.

Elizabeth Pierce — Global Director of Learning and Development, Eventbrite
John Meese — Executive Creative Director, BambooHR
Nathalie McGrath — Former VP of People, Coinbase

The Career Ladder is Dead: Employee Growth Strategies to Help Retain Top Talent

Whether it's incredibly rapid growth, going public, or integrating after an acquisition, big changes are super hard on companies. We talk to the people leaders of companies going through that kind of mega-change and hear their strategies for helping their teams come out stronger.

Beth Karlsson — Head of Talent, Pinterest
Tami Rosen — CPO, Luminar Technologies
Nathalie McGrath — Former VP of People, Coinbase

People Strategy: Lattice's Product Vision

Samir Gupte — VP of Product, Lattice