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The Playbook for Achieving Champion-Level Performance

How do HR leaders at some of the world’s biggest professional sports teams build high-performing cultures?

Hot on the heels of Lattice’s new partnership with the Brooklyn Nets, New York Liberty, and Norwich City FC, our latest webinar exclusively sheds light on the inner workings of these iconic sports teams.

Join us as we sit down with Emily Aponte, VP of Human Resources at BSE Global, and Perry Hamilton, Head of HR & EDI at Norwich City Football Club, to discuss how they built resilient, results-driven cultures that drive champion-level performance.

Learn how:

  • Norwich City fosters a supportive company culture in one of the most high-pressure soccer leagues in the world.
  • BSE’s leadership team creates and maintains its winning mentality, on and off the court.
  • How both teams set strategic goals that bring out the best in their players and employees

On the field of play or in the boardroom, there’s a lot we can learn from these high-performing organizations. We look forward to seeing you there.

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