Lattice Lunch: The Value of Cultivating High-EQ Leaders


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Lattice Lunch: The Value of Cultivating High-EQ Leaders

As company leaders and HR leaders, we all want to help our companies build high-performing teams while also building great cultures that make them a great place to work. But in this year of intense change and adaptation to new ways of working, how do you keep those goals of high performance and high engagement on track? It all starts with cultivating self-aware, emotionally intelligent managers and leaders.

In this Lattice Lunch session, we talk with Kristen Lisanti, Chief Culture Officer for the integrated communications agency BCW, about her approach to cultivating high-EQ leadership. We’ll go over the traits and behavioral shifts of great leaders, why we want to be wary of “wellness” programs in this moment, and simple tools you can put into practice with leaders within your organizations.