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How to Integrate Performance and Engagement for Business Success

Performance and engagement go hand in hand. When employees are engaged, they perform better — engagement has been shown to increase productivity by 17% and profitability by 21%. And when companies prioritize performance, employees are more engaged — studies show that the frequency of performance tools like feedback, reviews, and goal check-ins is positively correlated to engagement. 

In this webinar, Julia Markish, Director of Advisory Services at Lattice, will share a three-part framework for aligning performance and engagement to drive tangible business benefits. She’ll be joined by JD Slaughter, VP of Organizational Development and Learning at Huge Inc. to discuss both the theory and practice behind integrating these two foundational People Program components.

In this webinar, you’ll learn actionable strategies for:

  • Enriching how you measure employee engagement 
  • Delivering impactful recognition and feedback
  • Leading employee-centric growth conversations

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