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How Lattice Built a Best-in-Class Manager Development Program

Ask most HR leaders, and they’ll tell you that an organization’s performance starts with managers. Our State of People Strategy Report 2023 confirms this, with HR professionals ranking manager effectiveness as the #2 priority for their organizations.

The days of solely relying on manager training are long gone, or at least they should be.  Imagine instead what could be achieved if you were able to design and create your own impactful development program in-house. Sounds great, but how to start? And, how would you run it, demonstrate its effectiveness, and improve it? 

The Lattice Learning & Development Team took on the challenge this year, and we want to show you how we did it.  Join our Head of L&D Mollie West Duffy and L&D Program Manager Kelsey Poleyeff as they walk through how they built the Lattice Manager Blueprint program and proved its impact. In this session you’ll learn:

  • How we designed Lattice’s manager development program
  • Our tips for getting started and launching manager cohorts
  • Tactics for measuring success and using data to iterate and improve.

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