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We chose Lattice because it was highly configurable and gave us the ability to easily customize it to fit our needs.
Photo of Steve Pratt
Steve Pratt
Director of Learning & Development
We chose Lattice because it did performance management really, really well and had all the other people functions we were looking for. It felt like the perfect fit for us
Photo of Julie Honor
Julie Honor
General Counsel
Having everything in one platform, with all our data intertwined, gives us insights on what we can do as a People and Culture team, and even as an organization, to support or address areas of opportunity.
Photo of Kyle Teague
Kyle Teague
Director of Learning and Development
I tried to avoid having 10 different platforms to manage our employees and there is no other platform that combines engagement, growth, and feedback like Lattice does. That was a final driver for our decision to make the switch.
Photo of Maren Stieler
Maren Stieler
Director of HR
T.A. Cook
We created an action plan based on the precise data and themes, which Lattice helped us customize.
Photo of Melisa Guerbi
Melisa Guerbi
Director of People and Culture
Now that we have this tool in place, everything lives on that platform. Should someone depart the company or if there’s an org change, those new managers have access to historical data which they didn’t have access to before when past assessments were locked away in personal email folders.
Photo of Andrew Tuchfeld
Andrew Tuchfeld
People Business Partner