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At Lattice, innovation fuels our every move. Explore our latest product releases and updates, designed to make your Lattice experience even better.




  • Add eNPS to Engagement Surveys: eNPS is your north star metric for employee experience. It measures the likelihood of whether an employee would be willing to recommend your organization as a place to work. Now you can add the eNPS question directly into your next engagement survey in Lattice. Enable eNPS in your next survey.
  • View a Pulse Comment Feed in Slack: As anonymous comments get submitted through Pulse, we add them to the Slack channel of the admins choosing for the exec team to have a real-time feel and heartbeat of company without having to log into Lattice. This gives certain people at your company the ability to stay up to date on pulse survey activity and collaborate around action faster. See how the pulse comment feed will look.
  • Benchmark for the COVID-19 Crisis Response Survey: Companies that have used our COVID 19 questions and template will now have access to a new benchmark in the comparison dropdown menu. The benchmark is made up of over 100 companies and gives you more context for interpreting and taking action on your survey results. Learn more about the crisis response survey benchmark.
  • The Crisis Response Survey Template: We created an engagement survey template specifically tailored to help People Teams get an understanding of how employees are feeling with questions focusing on COVID-19, remote work, and more. Get started with the survey template.
  • Select Participants in Pulse Surveys: Pulse admins now have the ability to select specific participants for a pulse survey. This works in the exact same way as the filter bar within automation and is editable at any point in time. Learn more about setting up a pulse survey.



OKRs & Goals

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  • Simplifying Re-Opening Reviews: You can now re-open an individual review from the reviewees sidebar during all stages of the review cycle. Reopen submitted reviews and scores even if the review cycle is closed. No more navigating between reviewers and reviewees tabs to re-open one review!
  • Increase number of praise targets: You can now send praise to up to 10 people at once!
  • Easily Re-Sync With Calendar Integrations: You can now completely remove the calendar integration from Lattice by clicking “disconnect all calendars”. This allows you to remove your email if you accidentally linked your personal calendar. Also, you can restore a calendar sync due to unexpected authorization errors. This occasionally happens when, for example, a user removes access for Lattice from their calendar provider or we remove the auth record. Now you can quickly restore the calendar sync so your 1:1s are accurate.


  • Nightly Sync with Rippling and Zenefits: Zenefits and Rippling integrations are dependent on realtime events to keep Lattice up to date. Occasionally, Lattice can fall out of sync with the HRIS when these happen. This update allows you to configure full syncs at night in addition to the live updates. This makes sure Lattice will have the most recent employee data available.
  • Improved Readability & Styles: We modified our styles to be higher contrast and more readable. We also consolidated some inconsistencies between Windows users and MacOS users. Now regardless of your platform, everyone will see the exact same styles in Lattice.

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