Evolve Your Company’s Performance Management With Real-time Feedback

Evolve Your Company’s Performance Management With Real-time Feedback

The vast majority of HR leaders are in the process of reimagining performance management.

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Real-time feedback is an ongoing process in which employees can communicate with each other about their performance in an informal yet documented way. Managers might want to share constructive feedback to a team member, someone may want to give public recognition to a peer they worked on a project with, or maybe you want to leave a note to yourself to bring up at a later date. Why are so many top companies moving towards this kind of system? Here are a few key reasons:

Employees crave feedback

It turns out that [72% of] employees are hungry for much more feedback than they currently get. A real-time feedback solution can improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

Save time for things that matter

A lighter-weight feedback solution saves times compared to the implementation and meetings associated with performance reviews. This allows more time for career conversations.

Avoid recency bias

One of the biggest problems with the annual review is the inherent recency bias due to their infrequency. Real-time feedback let’s you capture performance feedback accurately.