Evolve Your Company’s Performance Management With Real-time Feedback

Evolve Your Company’s Performance Management With Real-time Feedback

The vast majority of HR leaders are in the process of reimagining performance management.

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Communicate clearly and often

Communication is the key to all good business processes. Besides selecting a software tool that fits your needs, it’s important to communicate to your employees how the new system should be used and why it’s valuable.

Provide support along the way

Feedback, goal setting, and performance management are core to company culture. Because they’re so important, you should expect to hear differing opinions about how things should be done. The most important thing is to get your company to rally around a process that reflects the values you care most about (maybe those are frequent feedback and clear goal setting).

Listen to feedback and be willing to iterate

Performance management is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. It’s all about finding the best way for a large group of people to collaborate, which takes time and experience to nail down properly. Also, companies are always changing — so don’t be surprised if people have feedback on the process; instead, you should encourage and welcome it! Look at it as an opportunity to consistently improve your performance management process, just like you look to consistently improve everything else you do at work.