OKR 101: Everything you need to know about OKRs

OKR 101: Everything you need to know about OKRs

Learn about this goal setting methodology used by companies like Google and Intel.

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How OKRs help companies

OKRs help companies in six core ways.

1) Keep your company aligned

OKRs connect individual and team performance back to the shared company objectives, so management knows everyone is moving in the same direction.

2) Focus on what matters

The OKR model recommends 3-5 objectives for each level of an organization, which forces companies and employees to prioritize the objectives that will have the greatest impact on the company.

3) Increase transparency

OKRs enable an organization to have a transparent culture, as everyone knows how each team and individual is planning to make an impact.

4) Empower your people

Increased visibility gives everyone the context they need to make the best decision and shows the employee the impact of their work.

5) Measuring stick for progress

OKRs illustrate how far along individuals, teams and the overall company are in accomplishing the shared company mission.

6) Accomplish the unexpected

OKRs are meant to be stretched - just beyond the threshold of what seems possible - so companies can achieve remarkable results.