OKRs & Goals

Align your team around what matters most

Accelerate growth by connecting individual achievement to organizational success.

Align teams around objectives and focus on impact

Activate employees and accelerate business growth with Objectives & Key Results.

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Prioritize the most important work and clear obstacles

Use Goals to ensure team objectives align with your organization's success metrics. Lattice provides an easy way to connect individual goals to department and company-wide targets.

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Set goals that improve collaboration and drive results

Ensure alignment across your whole organization by making strategic objectives crystal clear. Lattice provides a speedy, frictionless surface for setting, tracking, and reflecting on goals.

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With the help of Lattice, OKRs create hyperfocus that transcends through our whole organization.
Zach Wright · Strategy Staff Executive, Qumu

Make goals actionable by integrating where you already work

Lattice integrates with Jira, Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams to ensure that goals stay front and center and are acted on continuously.

Track and act on goal progress data in real time

With Lattice, managers and business leaders can keep tabs on goal status and progress to identify where to focus and keep your organization on course.

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OKRs allow us to create a structure that gives everyone in the organization a purpose that aligns all the way to the CEO, down to the company itself.
Zach Wright · Strategy Staff Executive, Qumu

Connect people success to business success

Objectives need to be integrated into everyday moments — from 1:1s to performance check-ins, so they continuously guide work rather than sitting on the shelf.

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Before Lattice, the preparation could take a week. Now, we enter the quarterly objectives and OKRs in the system, employees update their progress, and we can monitor everything. Everyone knows what everyone is doing and how they are tracking toward their goals. The transparency is working beautifully for us.
Julia F. Yip · VP of Talent Management, Million Dollar Baby
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OKRs & Goals

Integrate OKRs into performance management to create alignment and drive achievement against top business priorities.

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Leverage OKRs in regular conversations between managers and direct reports to drive progress and accountability.

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Nurture employee engagement and sense of purpose by showing employees how their contributions impact your business.

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Invest in your people. Accelerate your business results.

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