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“People strongly believe in our mission here, to make work meaningful:” Emily Smith on Building Processes at Lattice

May 27, 2021

Emily Smith is Chief of Staff at Lattice, where she’s worked for over 2 years. Here, we talk to her about building systems and processes from scratch for our Sales Team, the best day she’s had at work, and what drew her to Lattice in the first place.

How did you get started in Sales?

Up until this point, I have viewed my career as a bit of a rotational program as I work towards my ultimate goal of becoming an operational leader at a company. I have spent time working across a number of different departments including operations, product, customer experience, and sales . At Lattice, I started in Customer Experience and was looking to learn more about scaling a team at a growing company. After about a year and a half, I was really interested in learning a lot more about the revenue side of the business, which is what led me to Sales Enablement. 

I’m a builder — I love to build systems and processes from scratch. As Lattice has grown, I’ve loved having the opportunity to help different teams build a strong and scalable foundation for growth. In my new role, I am excited to work cross-functionally across the full organization as we continue to grow!

What drew you to Lattice?

At the time that I was introduced to the Lattice team, I wasn’t quite sure what my next career move would be. As soon as I met the people that I would be working with, I knew that I had to join them. Everyone that I have come across at Lattice has a special mix of passion and grit that they bring to their work. 

Beyond that, people strongly believe in our mission here, to make work meaningful. This drives them to both build a great experience for our customers and to help their peers grow at work.

What’s your favorite part of working here?

My favorite part about working at Lattice is being able to work at a company that is building and selling a tool that I get to use in my day-to-day workflow. When I was managing a team of 10+ people, Lattice was my lifeline for planning 1-on-1s with my direct reports and reading their weekly updates to better understand the challenges that they were facing to see how I could help them. 

Even now when I do not have any direct reports, I still use Lattice everyday to manage my personal Growth goals, my organization’s goals, and all of my cross-functional 1-on-1s. 

What ERGs are you a member of?

I am a member of Lattice Ladies. It’s been so great to be a part of a diverse group of women who can all rally behind our mission: to advance the professional development and empowerment of women in tech through education, mentorship, and cross-functional connection, with the ultimate goal of building a more inclusive workplace.

Favorite Lattice Slack Channel and why?

I have a few favorite channels. Being a big fan of the Bachelor and Bachelorette, I love those channels, as well as our dogs channel for obvious reasons. 

Social channels aside, I love our New Deal Alerts and Renewal Deal Alerts channels. They are such a fun and quick way to celebrate the wins of our Sales and Customer Experience (CX) team while also giving the Sales and CX reps an opportunity to share their tips and tricks and to thank people who helped them out. At Lattice, we recognize that we win as a team and I feel like these channels really showcase that. 

What’s something you’re passionate about outside of your job?

I’m really passionate about cooking and entertaining. I love to cook for my roommates and friends, and I spend plenty of time each weekend researching all of the recipes that I want to make.

Best day at work?

My best day at Lattice was when we launched our Engagement product. This was a big bet for Lattice and we weren’t quite sure how our customers and the market were going to respond. It was so exciting to be in the office and feel the energy that day as new prospects and current customers both wanted to learn more and even purchased the product on day 1. 

Getting ready to share our Engagement product with the world was a huge cross-functional effort with contributions from literally every single person working at Lattice at the time. It was really exciting to see all of our hard work pay off and have customers validate our decision to build the product.

Cheez Its or Goldfish?

Definitely Cheez Its if I have to pick one. But the best combination is spicy Cheez Its with Regular Goldfish.

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