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Lattice Ranked No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction, Ease of Use

January 9, 2020

We love helping companies build engaged, high-performing teams. That passion goes into our software and how we support the 1,500-plus companies that use Lattice today.

So when we heard that the Winter 2020 G2 Grid Report identified Lattice as the industry leader in customer satisfaction, we took the news to heart. The review aggregator’s biannual report on performance management and employee engagement software compared over 60 different solutions. You can read more about Lattice’s overall G2 ratings here.

In addition to customer satisfaction, G2 looked at other criteria tied to customer impact, including company momentum. Using an algorithm that considers web presence, customer reviews, social growth, and other factors, the report identified Lattice as the fastest-growing performance and engagement solution on the market.

HR teams aren’t the only ones who touch performance management. Managers and employees account for the majority of Lattice users — and if they aren’t happy with the experience, our software hasn’t done its job. That’s why we’re especially happy to see that G2 also identified our performance software as the industry’s easiest to use among software veterans and newcomers alike.

Lattice’s mission is to make work meaningful. From engineering to client success, our entire team is aligned to that goal. To that end, we're thrilled to have been included in the Winter 2020 G2 Grid Report.

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